keyboard_arrow_upThe Mystical Beauty of ONYX
keyboard_arrow_downThe Mystical Beauty of ONYX

In this article, we discuss the mystical beauty Of ONYX, the stone that throbs with life and inspires energy. Walk into our warehouse and see the smile on any of our staff’s faces when you ask them to lift a slab of onyx up for you, the result is spectacular. We lifted a slab for […]

keyboard_arrow_upNovember news from Union Tiles
keyboard_arrow_downNovember news from Union Tiles

There is great excitement at Union Tiles right now.  A fantastic prize is on offer – any customer spending R40 000 or over will be entered into a lucky draw. Come into Union Tiles and have a look at some of the most beautiful tiles, mosaics, claddings and slabs on the market – you will be […]

keyboard_arrow_upYour quartzite questions answered
keyboard_arrow_downYour quartzite questions answered

What can we say about Quartzite? Well, it is a wonderful, hard and strong natural stone ideal for a variety of applications. What is quartzite made from? It is a hard, non- foliated metamorphic rock that was originally pure quartz sandstone.  Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression […]

keyboard_arrow_upExplaining full body porcelain tiles
keyboard_arrow_downExplaining full body porcelain tiles

Today we will chat about porcelain and the various textures found on Porcelain.  Just to create a bit of confusion we will refer to a full body porcelain and this does not imply a person with a full body!

keyboard_arrow_upFlorim Magnum now available exclusively from Union Tiles
keyboard_arrow_downFlorim Magnum now available exclusively from Union Tiles

Union Tiles is proud to announce that Florim Magnum large format sintered porcelain stoneware tiles are now exclusively available from its stores nationwide.

keyboard_arrow_upSurrounded by sandstone
keyboard_arrow_downSurrounded by sandstone

Sandstone is generally formed from beds of sand below the sea or low lying areas.  As this bed of sand subsides into the earth’s crust, usually pressed down by overlaying sediments, it is heated and compressed.  Water flows slowly through all these tiny grains, importing minerals.  Minerals crystallise around the sand grains and cement them […]

keyboard_arrow_upGuidelines when using granite
keyboard_arrow_downGuidelines when using granite

As previously stated in the article covering marble, the most crucial aspect to using granite is ensuring that you have the installation done by a professional with experience.

keyboard_arrow_upTread carefully when choosing marble
keyboard_arrow_downTread carefully when choosing marble

Choosing tiles is not just a case of, that looks ok, and I’ll buy it!

keyboard_arrow_upTile trends … what’s still hot
keyboard_arrow_downTile trends … what’s still hot

Union Tiles gives some feedback on tile trends going forward, based on happenings this year.

keyboard_arrow_upCeramic or porcelain – which tile to choose?
keyboard_arrow_downCeramic or porcelain – which tile to choose?

Although they look the same, the main difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is that a porcelain tile is denser and less porous than a ceramic tile. In simple terms, this means a porcelain tile is much more hard wearing and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The extra density is a result of […]

keyboard_arrow_upThe Hexagon returns
keyboard_arrow_downThe Hexagon returns

Latest design trends are now shifting in the direction of decorative elements and composition patterns, combinations reminiscent of vintage style, created around the theme of memory. The shapes and details of the past weave a material fabric complete with recollections and historical allure.

keyboard_arrow_upWood-look tiles
keyboard_arrow_downWood-look tiles

So, what is wood-look tile flooring? Quite simply, it’s a porcelain tile that looks like wood. In fact many of these products look so real that, to the naked eye, it’s nearly impossible to know that what you are seeing is not real wood. 

keyboard_arrow_upTerra-Stone slim line terrazzo tiles
keyboard_arrow_downTerra-Stone slim line terrazzo tiles

Terra-Stone slimline terrazzo tiles are suitable for both wall and floor. Available from Union Tiles, the range includes Carpet Stone, Lava Stone, Classic Polished, and Rustico. These lightweight terrazzo tiles are ideal for high traffic areas and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

keyboard_arrow_upNaturally beautiful
keyboard_arrow_downNaturally beautiful

The timeless beauty of natural stone has fascinated artisans and decorators throughout history.  No two pieces are ever identical and the exquisite veining and patterns adds elegance and interest to any room.

keyboard_arrow_upAdding texture with natural stone
keyboard_arrow_downAdding texture with natural stone

In areas where you wish to add some interest, texture or a focal point; natural stone rivens and wall cladding are the ideal answer.

keyboard_arrow_upThe natural beauty of onyx
keyboard_arrow_downThe natural beauty of onyx

With its translucent appearance, wide array of colours and rich patterns to choose from, onyx is a natural choice for those wanting a dramatic impact. Onyx is a natural stone that makes its presence felt in the luxury design area. It is a stone that is rarely found and it is becoming renowned for its extreme elegance, glamour and vividness.  

keyboard_arrow_upHand crafted Mediterranean patterned tiles
keyboard_arrow_downHand crafted Mediterranean patterned tiles

Now popularly used on feature walls and floors, Union patterned tiles bring an old world, eye-catching charm to an otherwise ordinary space, creating an air of mystery and hinting at an interesting heritage. 

keyboard_arrow_upPure Italian inspiration
keyboard_arrow_downPure Italian inspiration

The Venice Stone collection comprises a beautiful spectrum of modern colours, from subtle hues of whites, greys and beiges to more elegant blacks and bolder reds.

keyboard_arrow_upBeautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, kind to the environment
keyboard_arrow_downBeautiful to look at, comfortable to walk on, kind to the environment

Bamboo flooring is considered a hardwood in terms of its abrasion resistance, indentation resistance and toleration of moisture condition variations. 

keyboard_arrow_upHygienic, resistant and innovative quartz surfaces
keyboard_arrow_downHygienic, resistant and innovative quartz surfaces

The creation of the Venice Stone product process by Venice Stone Internal Research and Development laboratories has created a new exclusive process, applicable to quartz surfaces, which unites the best of technical performance characteristics to the latest principles of environmental compatibility.

keyboard_arrow_upIndividuality and strength – slate and quartzite floor tiles
keyboard_arrow_downIndividuality and strength – slate and quartzite floor tiles

The true beauty of natural stone tiles is that no two pieces are the same. Each tile displays its own unique characteristics in the form of individual nuances of veins, shading, tonality and surface texture

keyboard_arrow_upEnvironmentally-friendly sparkle
keyboard_arrow_downEnvironmentally-friendly sparkle

This unique recycled glass tile brings sparkling life to feature walls. The tile is designed to be suitably combined with products such as ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles on walls

keyboard_arrow_upGoing natural
keyboard_arrow_downGoing natural

Union Tiles' wide variety of rivens and cladding include interlocking rivens, modular rivens and ledge stone rivens, rock face cladding, Futuris, country rock and rustic wall cladding

keyboard_arrow_upIt’s the small things that make a difference
keyboard_arrow_downIt’s the small things that make a difference

Nothing adds character and interest to walls and floors more than tastefully selected mosaic tiles