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Lets talk TERRAZZO tiles

We all talk about tiles and the most innovative technology, and big, better, best!

But, how often do we actually sit down and talk about ENVIRONMENTALLY ‘FRIENDLY’ improved aspects of a tile?  Not often, unless the developer is specifically aiming to produce a building that is in fact classified as being ‘ECO FRIENDLY’.

The most refreshing experience  is  actually walking into a building knowing that everything inside, is designed to connect to the outside world.

Terrazzo Tiles, besides being stylish and modern, fulfils a dream of having  corporate buildings, Hotels and your homes filled with green environmentally friendly sustainable floor tiles.  We believe there is an air of satisfaction in the knowledge that one has fused with the environment and not just taken from it.

So, let’s chat about what is TERRAZZO?

It is a highly sustainable form of polished concrete with added wear and stain resistant features. The chemically modified formulation and the high pressure at which the tiles are compressed, reduces the water absorption prior to the application of any surface sealer to +- 3% ensuring the tiles are far less likely to stain.  Our Terrazzo is available in a beautiful, polished finish which is subtle, smooth and gives of a deep glow.  For your outside areas we have a range referred to as ‘LAVA STONE’ which gives texture and takes away from the silk finish thereby being more slip resistant.   These features have been looked at very analytically and understood by the major Green Building authentication councils.  Therefore, it is a highly sought-after product for the discerning architect, or developer in terms of acquiring credit for Green Building Status locally and internationally. For any special project you as the homeowner, architect or Developer are more than welcome to set up a meeting with one of our sales consultants and the factory manager and discuss your ‘ECO FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT’ over a cup of coffee.  We would love to see you and listen to your ideas.

Terrazzo Tiles has been manufactured by Union tiles since the founder of Union Tiles landed in South Africa from Italy in 1910.

The founder, the late Giacomo Ghisleni using his expertise and embracing all the knowledge he had, started a small outlet of Terrazzo in 1922.  Union Tiles will proudly celebrate our history and ‘GREEN’ FUTURE with Terrazzo in 2022 when this amazing, versatile product is 100 years old.  Please let us know if you would like to join in on a conference or morning meeting to visit our factory.  Special tours will be arranged for architects, developers, and designers. For more information please click here.

Union Tiles

19 North Reef Road
South Africa

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