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The Loadhog Modular Dock Bridge

The LoadHog is a modular dock bridge designed to seamlessly span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer. It offers easy installation with no concrete work required, superior environmental and sanitary control, and enhanced loss prevention. Its robust construction supports both 3-wheel and 4-wheel lift traffic and accommodates uneven trailers with a 100mm side-to-side tilt. With various widths available and a working range of 152mm above and 100mm below dock height, the LoadHog ensures efficient and safe dock operations.

Roco First in Fittings - Product catalogue thirteen

Roco Fittings strive to supply customers with products of outstanding functional design and quality. Roco Fittings strive to be a reliable supplier with timeous delivery, competitive prices and to conduct business with integrity and honesty. Roco Fittings strive to grow their business with earned profits invested for the benefit of customers, staff, suppliers and capital providers. Roco Fittings strive to be recognised as an innovator and leader in the industry.


The Albany RR300 Plus door curtain is crafted from clear PVC material featuring blue reinforced vertical stripes, with additional colour options available. For applications requiring a more durable curtain material, RollTex® fabric is offered.

Solent Fans Showcase Catalogue

Discover a breath of fresh air with our diverse ceiling fan collections, each designed to meet your unique needs. The Simple Collection offers stylish, budget-friendly fans for great cooling, while the Soft Collection features beautiful, customizable fans with smooth curves.

Understanding the markings on treated timber

A guidance note outlines the markings required on treated timber products in accordance with South African Standards SANS 1288, SANS 457-2/3, and SANS 753/4. These standards mandate specific information to be included in the marking, such as a unique treatment plant identifier or trademark, product certification mark from a third-party certification body, SANS standard number indicating compliance, hazard class indicating treatment level, and manufacturing year or month/year for different types of poles.

Understanding hazard classes

The “Understanding Hazard Classes” guidance note explains how timber is treated according to hazard classifications (H Class) based on its intended end use and level of risk exposure, with classifications defined in SANS 10005 and minimum requirements provided in SANS 1288.

Understanding Timber Preservation

Understanding Timber Preservation, a guide to timber and its preservative treatment against biological degradation.

Disposal of Treated Wood

Our guidance note on the disposal of treated wood, provided by the South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA), offers comprehensive information on handling and disposing of treated wood waste responsibly. Treated wood, protected from wood-boring insects and decay, is predominantly treated with coal tar creosote or waterborne copper-based preservatives like CCA.

Preservatives for Pressure Treatment of Wood

Our Guidance Note on preservatives for pressure treatment of wood in South Africa outlines the regulatory framework and approved formulations for wood preservation. Under Act 36 of 1947, preservatives must be registered with the Department of Agriculture and comply with SANS 10005.  

Sealmac Road Maintenance Systems

Sealmac® saturated with suitable bitumen effectively seals the existing pavement and reinforces the surface treatment by enhancing the performance of the seal. Sealmac® provides lower construction costs, lower maintenance costs, reduced overlay thickness and it prolongs fatigue life…

Oval Wall Mounted Unit KB208

Oval Wall Mounted Unit KB208 An array of color choice for this beautiful oval model will compliment your restroom decor. Constructed of high density polyethylene.

Horizontal Wall Mounted Unit KB200

Horizontal Wall Mounted Unit KB200 sleek design and color palette matches modern restroom design and décor. The Baby Changing Station is constructed of polypropylene and has a unibody steel chassis for superior strength.

Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations

Explore the Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations, where your baby’s comfort and hygiene are paramount. Our changing stations boast a smoothly curved surface, providing a comfortable space for little ones.

Vertical Wall Mounted Unit KB101

Vertical Wall Mounted Unit KB101 Koala polyethylene surface mounted vertical baby changing station.

Iso-Lam Insulating Panels

Our aesthetically pleasing product has excellent thermal insulating values, thereby creating a more comfortable environment to live and work in. These insulation properties make it ideal for insulating roofs, ceilings and walls. The additional advantage is that it provides a permanent maintenance-free internal surface

Stonewool Wired Matt

Stonewool Wired Matt that is stitched with galvanised or stainless steel wire on hexagonal wire mesh.

Bosch Measuring Tools

With our precision measuring technology products, you can start off your own successful project. Measure distances, locate objects in the wall or carry out alignment jobs – just like child’s play. The professional tools include; laser and angle measures, levelling devices, cross line lasers, line lasers, detection and inspection devices with cameras or thermo detectors.

Africote Colour Paint Palette | Internal & External Coatings - Signature Acrylic

Africote Colour Palette of Signature internal & external coatings for any mood, feature walls with accented tones, platinum velvet, sheen, liquid naturals and textured.

Van Acht Catalogue

Van Acht catalogue of doors and windows, Van Acht manufactures virtually any custom-made wooden product as well as expand our range of products available; V-COAT, Van Acht Glass and Aluminium, uPVC Windows and Doors, YOSO Wood and Aluminium Doors, Marine Ply Garage Doors and our Frameless Folding Doors are products that were developed over the last 6 years and have finally joined the Van Acht family of products.

uPVC | Windows and Doors

Van Acht is a REHAU authorised window and door fabricator and installer. Van Acht uPVC windows are made to your exact specification and requirements.  REHAU is the leading uPVC manufacturer of window profiles. Its unique solutions comprise specially engineered designs that combine form with function better than anything you’ve ever seen. So every Van Acht window is as stylish as it is ingenious, and as attractive as it is durable. For both practical and aesthetic reasons, Van Acht ensures you of windows that work beautifully, taking care of a major factor in the success of any building project.

Glass & Aluminium Windows & Doors

At VAGA (Van Acht Glass and Aluminium), our commitment to maintaining the high standards of quality and service established over the past three decades remains unwavering. Aluminium, as a material, offers numerous advantages that align with our ethos of excellence. Its inherent strength, ability to accommodate larger sizes, and durability with minimal maintenance requirements make it a preferred choice.


ColourCem is a coloured cement pigment, comprised of a milled blend of white or grey Portland cement and carefully selected compatible pigments. Its strengths parallel those of Portland cement, though for darker shades, it’s recommended to utilise up to 10% more ColourCem to achieve the desired strength.

ColourCem Colour Chart

Cemcrete’s COLOURCEM range offers a versatile selection of pigmented mineral binders suitable for a variety of decorative and functional applications. With hues ranging from classic neutrals like black, white, and sandstone to vibrant tones such as yellow, orange, and red, as well as earthy shades like cocoa, tan, and terracotta, the range provides ample opportunities for creative expression in architectural and design projects.

Recommended adhesives for the installation of Transit Tiles products

For the installation of Transit products, recommended adhesives from Pekay and Qualichem are available. For normal use, acrylic adhesives such as WD91 and QAR190A are suitable, with WD90 providing extra strength. In cases where rising moisture in concrete floors is a concern, G657 Primer is recommended. Contact adhesives like V435 and V440 are ideal for wooden floors, walls, steel floors, and lifts. Polyurethane adhesives like A660 and QAR209C are recommended for wet areas with constant water spillage or increased floor surface temperatures. Conductive adhesives such as A659AS are exclusively for conductive tiles. It’s noted that a floor sealer is advisable for concrete floors lacking a fitted damp-proof membrane, particularly in environments like domestic garages.

Floor Laying Instructions

For Commercial & Industrial Heavy Duty or Heavy Traffic Floor Preparation, meticulous floor preparation is essential to ensure optimal performance of the tiles and adhesive. The floor must be thoroughly cleaned, dried, and levelled, free from any contaminants such as dust, wax, grease, or solvents.

Laying Instructions for Transit Conductive Floor Tiles

Adequate preparation of the underlying floor is crucial for optimal performance of Transit conductive floor tiles. The floor must be meticulously cleaned, dried, and leveled, free from any residue such as dust, wax, grease, or solvents. Wooden floors should be covered with sheets of plywood or hardboard, secured with screws or nails.

Advantages of cellulose fibre | Thermguard

Cellulose fibre insulation offers numerous advantages, particularly in the context of South African homes facing rising electricity costs and frequent load shedding. Beyond saving money year-round, it enhances comfort and health while reducing environmental impact. Thermguard insulation effectively regulates temperature, conserves energy, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by preventing heat transfer through ceilings by up to 92%.

Thermguard - Company Profile

Established in 1984, Thermguard is dedicated to recycling waste newspaper into a valuable product, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability. Specialising in cellulose fibre loose-fill insulation made from recycled newspaper, Thermguard incorporates harmless household chemicals to ensure fire retardancy, as well as resistance to insects and rodents.

Thermguard Insulation Thermal Conductivity

Thermguard Insulation offers a comprehensive range of thermal insulation solutions designed to effectively regulate temperature conductivity. With a minimum thickness requirement ranging from 100mm to 135mm, Thermguard Insulation provides varying levels of thermal resistance, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. Available in convenient bag packages, the insulation boasts a low mass per coverage area, making it efficient to install while offering superior performance.

Raynor FireCoil

Raynor FireCoil doors are provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165°F. The door’s descent can also be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a building’s alarm system, or solid-state release devices. With a four-hour rating…

Rolling Service Doors

Rugged DuraCoil service doors, with aluminum, steel or stainless steel slats, are made to last. When you want the best, specify DuraCoil. Every DuraCoil door is built for superior performance and includes the following features: Curtain Hood, Guides and End Locks, Counterbalance System, Bottom Bar, Curtain, Security Locks

SELE - Asia Elevator Cabin

Characterised by a young and dynamic look, Asia is a comfortable and versatile car. Embellished by a full-height control panel on the side wall and, on request ,with a mirror and handrail. Asia is available with four types of ceilings to satisfy every taste.

SELE - SHL Platform Home Lift

Designed to facilitate the effective elimination of vertical architectural barriers, the new platform SELE SHL’s, are an ideal solution for private residences or public buildings of various kinds(shops, schools, etc.). Today the new version with automatic telescopic doors and push-button control combines the typical SHL advantages with the comfort of a lift.

THERMOspeed ® EVO2 high speed freezer door | Stab-A-Load

The THERMOspeed® EVO2 high-speed freezer door is characterised by its high thermal insulating properties. The curtain is made of a specially formulated lightweight and robust, closed-cell PE foam material.


Large industrial hydraulic doors and walls for the mining industry. The HydroSwing is pre hung in its own frame and can be installed to tensile fabric structures or stand alone within its own frame. Each door is finished in Carbo Guard Carboline but galvanising and powder coating can be done upon request.

Hydro-Tilt Hydraulic Door

Stab-A-Load introduces the new Hydro-Tilt hydraulic door, the latest technology in industrial door solutions which is revolutionising the “large door” industry.

Waste Water Treatment Works

a.b.e. Construction Chemicals provides comprehensive solutions for wastewater treatment works, general construction, concrete repair and protection products.

Twist & Click XL Nappy Disposal Bin Eco-friendlier System

The Twist & Click XL Nappy Disposal Bin Eco-friendlier System is the only bin that twists and wraps for guaranteed odour protection.

La Fabbrica AVA

La Fabbrica AVA sintered porcelain stoneware slabs embody sophistication and durability, offering a timeless solution for interior and exterior design projects. Crafted with precision and innovation, these slabs elevate spaces with their elegant aesthetics and unmatched resilience, making them the ideal choice for architects and designers seeking enduring quality.

Kontinua Sintered Stone Slabs

Kontinua sintered stone slabs are a cutting-edge material revolutionizing the world of interior and exterior design. Sintered stone is composed of natural minerals such as clay, feldspar, silica, and mineral oxides, which are compacted and heated under extreme pressure and temperature to create a dense, durable material. Kontinua takes this concept further by offering large format slabs with minimal thickness, typically ranging from 6mm to 12mm.

Customer Magazine Autumn 2024

Discover the latest edition of the GEBERIT Customer Magazine for Autumn 2024, featuring a heartfelt message from our Managing Director, Mark Schurr. As we celebrate our 150th anniversary, this issue reflects on our rich history of setting industry standards and pioneering bathroom solutions. From humble beginnings with wooden cisterns to our latest innovations in high-performance drainage systems and sleek shower toilets, this magazine showcases our journey of evolution and excellence. Join us as we introduce exciting new products, including an elegant shower toilet designed for beginners, and explore our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Roofing technology and concepts

Sika Roofing offers over 50 years of success, providing comprehensive solutions for various roofing projects worldwide. As a global leader in roofing material technology, Sika offers single ply membranes and liquid applied membranes, demonstrating expertise in production and materials. Our solutions cover a wide range of roofing types including exposed roofs, gravel ballasted roofs, green roofs, utility roofs, solar roofs, and special roof designs.

Cleanroom Systems

Cleanroom Systems – Sikafloor®-CR and Sikagard®-CR ranges are the state of the art in products specifically developed for floor, wall and ceiling coatings in cleanroom environments. Sikafloor and Sikagard are suitable for all clean manufacturing facilities with a controlled level of contamination, such as minimum particle and VOC/AMC emissions.

SikaTop Seal-107 ZA

SikaTop® Seal-107 ZA is a versatile solution for waterproofing and protecting concrete structures. This two-part polymer-modified cementitious slurry consists of a liquid polymer and a mix of cement with special additives.

MatCrete | Reinforced concrete waterproof lining

MatCrete Charcoal is a waterproof cement lining ideal for creating various water-containing structures like fish ponds, dams, and flat roofs. Applied directly onto hard compacted soil, it offers cost-effective solutions for repairing old reservoirs, relining pipes, and waterproofing surfaces such as parapets. Its rough textured finish can be smoothed if desired, with a thickness of 2mm including CemForce, extendable up to 8mm by adding extra layers. After application, allow three days for air curing before filling with water.

Exposed Aggregate Colour Chart

Introducing our Exposed Aggregate Colour Chart, a stunning array of natural textures meticulously curated to elevate any cementitious decorative aggregative coating. From the gentle tones of Sea Salt to the bold richness of Black Pepper, each hue, including Chia Seeds, Poppy Seed, Mustard, Cumin, and Caraway, offers a unique character and depth to your surface. This palette embodies the essence of nature, infusing your space with organic beauty and timeless elegance.

Kitchen and Bedroom Accessories | Roco Fittings

Roco Fitting’s kitchen accessories include door bins, pullout bins, recycling bins, aluminium kick plates, spice trays, cutlery trays, drying racks, pullout pantries, spice larders, wine racks, pullout ironing board, carousels, vegetable baskets, roller shutter doors, pullout larders…

Livinox Sinks

Livinox is a brand that specialises in manufacturing sinks for kitchens and bathrooms. They offer a wide range of sink styles, materials, and sizes to cater to different design preferences and functional needs. Livinox sinks are known for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and modern designs.

Permastop | Crystalline waterproofing treatment

Permastop is a crystalline waterproofing treatment suitable for surfaces in contact with cement or concrete, providing a brushed finish unless plastered over. Application involves brush-on techniques, with curing requiring dampening three times daily in hot, dry conditions and protection from freezing and direct sun or wind for 24 hours.

Hinge systems & Lift systems | Roco Fittings

Roco Fitting’s range of concealed hinges: FGV hinges, clip on hinges, slide-on hinges, glass door hinges, anti-slam device, push to open hinges, wall hanging bracket, lift mechanisms, folding door systems, CABX hinges…

Clip 38 Manual

Clip 38 Manual Crealco aluminium windows and doors product profile identifications, hardware components, butterfly gaskets & wedge codes.

Serene Door Manual

The Crealco Serene tilt and turn window and door system is the latest European aluminium system to be manufactured with high quality imported Roto hardware.

Cadenza by BerryAlloc | Traviata

Produced to the highest quality standards of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF), the Cadenza range offers a sophisticated, highly fashionable flooring option with a four-sided bevel to create an authentic wood plank effect. Available in eight patterns, Cadenza’s low gloss matt finish ensures a modern, chic appearance.


A rigid core luxury vinyl floor created for spaces “where life happens”. Waterproof, pet friendly, stable in direct sunlight and easy to maintain. Suitable for all residential and light commercial use.

Traviloc | Isocore Classic

The Traviloc ISOCORE Classic plank combines a simple drop-and-lock installation featuring innovative ISOCORE Classic Technology™.  It has a waterproof, strong, and stable core that offers outstanding performance, durability and longevity.  ISOCORE Classic features an engineered closed-cell PVC structural core that is 100% waterproof and it is rigid and dimensionally stable with sound-mitigating underlayment to help minimize sound travel. Traviloc can be installed over existing floors such as natural wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum, and even ceramic, saving you both time and money.

Teka Sinks & Mixers

Teka, a renowned brand in the kitchen and bathroom fixture industry, offers a wide range of high-quality sinks and mixers that cater to the needs of architects, engineers, and construction professionals. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Teka products are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of residential and commercial spaces.

Chambord France butler sinks

Chambord is an authentic French craft house that specialises in the production of traditional, meticulously hand-finished ceramic sinks. Their expertise lies in creating these sinks with a genuine touch of craftsmanship, maintaining a strong connection to traditional French design and artistry. If you’d like to know more about Chambord’s offerings or their unique approach to crafting ceramic sinks, feel free to ask.

Albany RR300 Plus Stainless Steel: High Performance Door

The Albany RR300 Plus Stainless Steel has a space saving design that enables installation into door openings with restricted space. The door curtain is constructed with transparent PVC and reinforcement stripes. Integrated balancing systems allows self-opening. Applications: interior door to separate work areas, climate control and energy conservation, in protected exterior applications, in applications with strict hygiene requirements…

Albany RR3000 Series: High Performance Door

Albany RR3000 series combine the greatest functionality with modern design. Their outstanding engineering makes the doors extremely fast, safe, robust and guarantees an extremely long service life with low maintenance needs.

Flo-Pipe ® drainage pipe | Kaytech geotextile engineering technology

Flo-Pipe ® drainage pipe is optimally slotted for maximum infiltration with minimal blockage. Fabricated from the highest quality HDPE available, the twin wall sandwich design provides strength and flexibility.

Infiltrator Chamber System

The Quick4 Infiltrator™ chamber system is a direct replacement for the stone and pipe, stormwater and wastewater french drain soakaway. Infiltration™ chambers promote effluent infiltration into the soil with 100% efficiency.


Enviromat® is a locally produced and biodegradable erosion control blanket made from woodwool extracted from the alien Poplar tree. Used to combat soil erosion on exposed slopes, it stimulates vegetative growth while protecting topsoil and germinating seeds from the elements.


The natural solution for soil erosion problems. SoilSaver® is used wherever ground surfaces need to be stabilised and protected from soil erosion. SoilSaver® is a woven 100% jute yarn comprising a coarse 65% open mesh structure. This natural fibre mesh protects bare soil from the natural elements…

HBSD100 Shower drain specifications

Herbish® Shower drains have been meticulously crafted in collaboration with prominent architects and designers. Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, these drains offer exceptional corrosion resistance and hygiene.

Strong Rooms for controlled drugs

Gunnebo, a reputable supplier of strong rooms for controlled drugs, has compiled a PDF guide intended for security managers, operations managers, contractors, and procurement managers in the pharma sector, sharing their expertise to benefit both seasoned professionals and newcomers. It’s crucial to adapt the guidance provided to specific country regulations before constructing strong rooms outside the UK.

Wall Finishes

Apply the first layer of weber.plast Colour Silk by forcing the material tightly against the surface using a steel trowel. Follow immediately with a second layer to an application not exceeding 4mm. Leave to dry until firm. Damp down slightly and pull straight by floating with a sponge trowel. Steel trowel immediately to smooth the surface. Leave overnight to air cure.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls - Gypwall SoundBloc

GypWall Soundbloc is a non-load bearing, single frame drywall system that provides high levels of sound insulation. The system can be specified in many types of buildings, both new-build and refurbishment.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls - GypWall SoundBloc Plus

Gypwall SoundBloc Plus Is a non-load bearing, single frame high performance drywall system that provides high levels of sound insulation with minimum floor space utilisation. The system uses resilient bars to provide improved acoustic separation.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Concealed Grid Acoustic Ceiling

Gyproc Gyptone/Rigitone is a range of characteristically styled ceiling boards with high levels of acoustic absorption and impact resistance. Gyptone Rigitone boards are characterised by circular perforations and Gyproc Gyptone are characterised by rectangular or square perforations.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls - GypWall FireStop

GypWall FireStop Is a non-load bearing high performance fire resistance system providing a fire rating of up to 60 minutes. Used in retail environments, storage areas and residential applications.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc DuraLine Systems

GypWall DuraLine is a high impact-resistant drywall system for use where a more durable structure is required. It provides a lightweight, cost-effective, non-loadbearing drywall suitable for all types of commercial, healthcare and educational buildings. GypWall DuraLine wall systems made of DuraLine plasterboard (yellow paper lining) have been designed and developed with a higher density core to give greater impact resistance in heavy use areas.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls - Gypwall MoistureResistant

Gypwall MoistureResistant Is a lightweight, non-load bearing walling system of which the Gyproc RhinoBoard has water repellent additives in the core and a distinctive green paper liner.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls - Gypwall Classic

Gypwall Classic Is the industry’s original lightweight, non load bearing drywall system providing cost effective, multipurpose solutions for all types of buildings.

Saint Gobain Gyproc Wall Insulation - Framework Drylining

Lightweight independent wall lining system which consists of Gyproc RhinoBoard 12.5mm or Gyproc RhinoBoard 15mm internal lining fixed to Donn UltraSTEEL framework 51mm/63.5mm/102mm. Install Isover Cavitybatt within cavity.

Saint-Gobain Gyproc Walls - Gypwall Duraline

Gypwall Duraline Is a non-load bearing, high impact-resistant drywall system used where a more durable structure is required. It provides a light weight, non-load bearing drywall suitable for all types of commercial, healthcare and educational buildings.

GypWall DryLining

For use in offices, internal residential walling, hotels, hospitals and schools applied on new or existing masonry work. Gyproc Drylining is a basic drylining system primarily for the housing market and refurbishment sector. A plasterboard system that replaces a wet sand cement plaster with a dry lining that is smooth, level and contributes to providing a cavity for insulation to masonry walls.

Simbithi Eco-Estate - Ballito, KZN

This contemporary residence in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal’s northern coastline made extensive use of Saint-Gobain Gyproc products to add to the modern visual appeal. Gyproc RhinoLite Projection Plaster was used to deliver a high quality finish efficiently and timeously.

Saint Gobain | Walls - Fixtures & Fittings

Gyproc drywall fixtures & fittings – Adequate support needs to be provided for fixtures and fittings attached to the drywall system to maintain the structural integrity of the drywall. Fire and acoustic integrity is maintained through good practice detailing.

Cradlestone Mall - Muldersdrift

Winner of the Saint-Gobain Gyproc National Trophy, which awards craftsmanship, this new shopping mall in Muldersdrift is an architectural delight and a construction masterpiece.

Walls - Side Cladding

Isover Glasswool Factoryboard Side Cladding – Rigid resin bonded Isover Factoryboard follow 25mm/40mm thick 80kg/m2 density available with either standard reinforced foil or white metalized foil. Alternative facings are also available- black metalized foil, white embossed vinyl or black non-woven glass tissue.

Paarman Factory Case Study

Paarmans Food Factory, Cape Town – A suspended mezzanine floor using a light steel frame structure and Gyproc Performance Plasterboards for walls provided a quiet office area without sacrificing accessibility. The project won an SA Engineering Award.

Kalahari Mall - Upington

A bold interplay of steel, wood and plasterboard forms the backbone of this shopping mall featuring over 70 stores. Gyproc performance plasterboards and ceiling boards provided the perfect finish.

HPC Indoor Cricket Centre - Pretoria

This centre is a unique combination of a state of the art specialised training facility with a supportive administrative component housing offices, a boardroom, lecture facilities and biomechanical facility.

Artisan Lofts - Maboneng, Johannesburg

Open plan design gives a fresh edge to this creative development in the city centre. Gyproc SoundBloc Performance Plasterboards were used in these single room, multi-purpose living spaces to improve acoustics. Gyproc RhinoLite and RhinoGlide provide a sleek, high aesthetic finish for these upmarket bachelor pads.

Nicolway Shopping Centre - Bryanston

Winner of the Plaster Category of the 2014 Saint-Gobain Gyproc National Trophy, as well as the 2013 SAPOA Innovative Excellence Award, the Nicolway Shopping Centre combines natural light with stunning architecture and craftsmanship to create a unique shopping experience.

Mirage Loft - De Waterkant, Cape Town

This apartment was the first prize in the Top Billing Dream Home competition. The elegant design includes Gyptone Big Line 6 concealed grid acoustic ceilings, GypCeil Prestige S and Gyproc Gyprex ceiling systems, to create an acoustically comfortable living space. Gyproc Projection Plaster was used for efficient application and a superior finish.


Soundlite ceiling tiles are manufactured from non-combustible inorganic Glasswool and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. A decorative vinyl facing is available in two finishes, namely Coral and Ripple, which provide a durable finish.


Factoryboard is a rigid board manufactured from non-combustible Glasswool insulation. Available in 25, 40 or 50 mm thickness. It can be supplied with an ASTM E-84 tested reinforced foil or white metalised foil. Alternative facings are also available (white embossed vinyl or black non-woven glass tissue).

Horizon Shutter Manual

The Horizon Shutter Manual offers comprehensive guidance on Crealco’s sliding folding shutters, including product index, legal disclaimer, profile identification, hardware components, and general information.

Guardian Security Barrier

Guardian Security Barrier for windows and doors is the latest addition to the Crealco product range. Offering the assurance of safety in-home or office

Brochures & Datasheets

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