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keyboard_arrow_upPergo Original Laminate: Living Expression – Aquasafe
keyboard_arrow_downPergo Original Laminate: Living Expression – Aquasafe

Pergo Living Expressions AquaSafe laminate flooring by Van Dyck with Modern Plank sizes 190 by 1380mm and a 8mm overall thickness, fitted in accordance with the supplier's installation instructions. This flooring is designed for light commercial and heavy residential use.

keyboard_arrow_upPergo Original Laminate: Sensation!
keyboard_arrow_downPergo Original Laminate: Sensation!

Pergo invented the laminate floor 35 years ago. And with the introduction of Pergo Sensation, we are re-inventing it all over again. Because our new collection of laminate floors is nothing short of what the name suggests.

keyboard_arrow_upTraka21 Plug & Play Key Management System
keyboard_arrow_downTraka21 Plug & Play Key Management System

Traka21’s innovative plug and play system provides small to medium size businesses with the very latest in intelligent key management. Simple, efficient and cost-effective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.

keyboard_arrow_upYale Digital Door Lock
keyboard_arrow_downYale Digital Door Lock

Digital Door Locks provide increased security whilst offering home owners genuine keyless convenience. The Shine YDG 313 product uses both PIN code (4-12 digits) and RF Card key access (up to 20 cards), this alongside its easy installation (no drilling required) as well as its Magic Mirror function (invisible keypad until touched) makes this product a leader in driving innovation in the market place...

keyboard_arrow_upAluminium Door Handles
keyboard_arrow_downAluminium Door Handles

Ideal for replacing tired and worn-out door furniture, this range has three stylish designs to choose from to suit your home and personal style. These solid aluminium lever handles with spring loaded mechanisms will ensure that the handles won't sag over time. The escutcheons (key hole covers) have also been cleverly designed with threaded covers to ensure that they won’t fall off due to slamming doors or vibrations.

keyboard_arrow_upDigital Mortise Lock: YDM 3109
keyboard_arrow_downDigital Mortise Lock: YDM 3109

High tech proximity card digital door lock. The digital mortise lock YDM 3109 has an invisible keypad, proximity card identification, scramble code, missing key invalidation and an alarm in case of damage / breakage...

keyboard_arrow_upYale Digital Door Locking Solutions
keyboard_arrow_downYale Digital Door Locking Solutions

Assa Abloy's Yale digital door locking solutions...

keyboard_arrow_upYale® Door Closers
keyboard_arrow_downYale® Door Closers

Yale's new hydraulic door closer is suitable for interior or exterior doors opening up to 180°. A Door Closer decreases the amount of wear and abuse a door suffers over time. Automatically closing doors can prevent air from entering or escaping, which maintains a steady temperature inside a room and cuts down on the cost of heating or cooling...

keyboard_arrow_upCustom Lockers: Intelligent Asset Management
keyboard_arrow_downCustom Lockers: Intelligent Asset Management

These lockers have a strong and robust construction to ensure that belongings, including laptops, remain safe and secure. They can also be individually designed to suit your environment and your requirements, including: size and shape, door colours and finishes, flat or sloping roofs, biometrics or smart card access...

keyboard_arrow_upTouch Products: Standalone and Networked Solutions for Key and Asset Management
keyboard_arrow_downTouch Products: Standalone and Networked Solutions for Key and Asset Management

Traka Touch Technology means that keys are readily available 24/7, but only to authorised users. It gives you an intelligent key management solution which operates independently from your IT systems. Everything is managed via the touch screen on the front panel, from the initial administrative set up of users and keys, right through to day to day user access...

keyboard_arrow_upYale Easy Fit HD 720P CCTV System
keyboard_arrow_downYale Easy Fit HD 720P CCTV System

Whether in your home or business, it is important to keep a close watch on your possessions and loved ones. The Yale Easy Fit HD 720P CCTV system supports remote real time live footage, anywhere in the world as well as high definition video recording and playback, day and night. The Yale CCTV system uses HD 720P technology. This means wider surveillance with clearer, sharper and more defined viewing.

keyboard_arrow_upKeyless Connected Smart Lock
keyboard_arrow_downKeyless Connected Smart Lock

A new generation of smart lock solutions has hit the market with the Keyless Connected Smart lock from Yale. This revolutionary lock offers more than just smart looks, it delivers the ultimate combination of security, convenience and access flexibility in a single lock. The most notable feature being the optional Z-wave module making it compatible with most Smart Home Automation systems.

keyboard_arrow_upYale® Ultra-Secure Monoblok Digital Door Lock
keyboard_arrow_downYale® Ultra-Secure Monoblok Digital Door Lock

Yale Digital Door Locks have been securing doors and offering all the convenience of keyless entry for years. These tried and tested Digital Door Locks have just got smarter, introducing the Yale Monoblok Smart Door Lock. Keyless entry does not mean that one has to compromise on your security. Yale’s Monoblok Smart Door Lock features ultra-secure motorised triple locking bolts and with a built-in tamper alarm you can be rest-assured that your door is secure...

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Sliding & Folding Door Gear
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Sliding & Folding Door Gear

Our sliding gear products are very versatile and can be used in a multitude of applications, moving everything from wardrobe doors, glass doors and panels, timber doors, aluminium doors, warehouse doors, shop fronts and gates from one position to another. The hardware can also be used in many non-door applications such as fall arrest systems or for sliding machinery, industrial curtains, sports equipment, projector screens and blackboards.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Door & Specialised Hardware
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Door & Specialised Hardware

UNION hinges are suitable for heavy duty applications and for use on doors which are subject to a high frequency of use by the public with little incentive to exercise care. Available in left or right hand.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Mul-T-Lock
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Mul-T-Lock

The new patented Mul-T-Lock Integrator from ASSA ABLOY South Africa is a world class quality, effective and affordable high security protection solution for the home and office.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Cylinders
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Cylinders

UNION offers a range of cylinders to suit round screwing and euro profile locks. Each system offers the flexibility to provide a solution for applications of all sizes including thumb-turn variants. UNION offers a variety of traditional cylinders to meet the demands of every application. Cylinders are available in four different variations: Rim Cylinders, Euro Profile Cylinders, Oval Profile Cylinders and Circular Threaded.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Panic Exit Devices
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Panic Exit Devices

Exit devices and panic exit devices from ASSA ABLOY are safety devices which ensure a free way out at all times, while restricting door entry access. ASSA ABLOY‘s range of Panic Exit Devices can be used in applications where users are unfamiliar with their route and means of escape in an emergency. Panic Bars, which cover the width of the door, allow immediate escape when pressure is applied. Panic Exit Devices are tested to EN1125 and CE Marked.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Valli & Valli Door Furniture
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Valli & Valli Door Furniture

Valli & Valli, a leading Italian manufacturer of designer handles, offers a wide selection of handles and door accessories. Their designs are unique, and combine traditional elements with youthful interpretations of classics. From chic minimalist to decorative and traditional, each piece of the Valli &Valli collections meets the high quality interior specifications which are a benchmark for architects, producing handles that are as creative as they are versatile.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Door Furniture
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Door Furniture

UNION Door Furniture is extensive. With unique architectural designs and comprehensive range of styles. The products are also backed by professional service and advice from our highly experienced architectural specification team. We have a wide variety of lever styles from stainless steel, to brass and traditional furniture. Where price is a factor, UNION offer a competitive range of door furniture, where the choice of lever style is not compromised and a comprehensive selection is available.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Pulls, Plates & Escutcheons
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Pulls, Plates & Escutcheons

ASSA ABLOY's extensive range consists of pull handles, push plates, kick plates, escutcheons and photoluminescent signage available in a range of materials and finishes.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Mortice Locks
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Mortice Locks

Lever mortice locks fit into the edge of a door and are operated by a key and lever system. Locks are available with between 2 and 5 levers (2 and 3 lever are recommended for internal doors, 4 and 5 lever are recommended for external doors), with 5 lever products offering the most security.

keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY | Nightlatches & Rimlocks
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY | Nightlatches & Rimlocks

UNION provides a comprehensive range of cylinder rim and lever rim locks which are ideal for both architectural application and residential use. The range includes security variants, as well as standard variants and are ideal for use in combination with UNION mortice deadlocks on external doors.

keyboard_arrow_upDécor Handles | Ironmongery Collection
keyboard_arrow_downDécor Handles | Ironmongery Collection

Our handles come in various finishes, including solid brass, chrome, wrought iron, satin chrome, brushed nickel and rose gold. We cover styles from traditional to contemporary. We also carry a large range of speciality locks to match our range as well as a large range of Ironmongery; such as door and cupboards hinges, bolts, knobs, draw slides, door knockers, fasteners, etc.

keyboard_arrow_upHealthcare Design 2018 Rates
keyboard_arrow_downHealthcare Design 2018 Rates

To be issued in January 2018, the Healthcare Design 2018 Annual Directory covers the Healthcare sector and focuses on fittings, fixtures and products for hospitals, clinics, mortuaries and laboratories.

keyboard_arrow_upThe Door Group | Product Catalogue
keyboard_arrow_downThe Door Group | Product Catalogue

Manufacturers of quality standard and non-standard flush panel doors, solid timber doors, sliding doors, windows, joinery, raised panel and carved-in semi-exterior doors, class A, B, C, D, E fire doors, anti-bandit doors, x-ray doors...

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L11 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L11 Retaining Block

The L11 hollow core retaining block: L11 Standard and L11 Rockface.

keyboard_arrow_upMaxiflex Door Systems | Crawford OH1042FG
keyboard_arrow_downMaxiflex Door Systems | Crawford OH1042FG

The Crawford OH 1042FG overhead sectional doors are fully glazed doors, designed to be used when there is a need for maximum light, exposure, or vision. The sleek design of the Crawford OH1042FG panels gives a high class presentation next to this high light admission. All in all a state of the art design that fits perfectly in modern buildings and showrooms.

keyboard_arrow_upMaxiflex Door Systems | Albany HS9020GHY
keyboard_arrow_downMaxiflex Door Systems | Albany HS9020GHY

The Albany HS9020GHY is a medium sized high speed door for hygienic applications. The Albany HS9020GHY high speed door is designed for interior applications in humid or corrosive environments, and in the food industry where hygiene demands are high. The main features of the Albany HS9020GHY are medium-sized, max. 4000 x 4000 mm, humid or corrosive environments, inside usage, stainless steel 304 construction, gravity drive system, opening speed up to 1,2 m/s (Option: 2,0 m/s)...

keyboard_arrow_upMaxiflex Door Systems | Albany HS9020GAT
keyboard_arrow_downMaxiflex Door Systems | Albany HS9020GAT

The Albany HS9020GAT is airtight and suitable for inside environments, type cleanrooms. The main features of the Albany HS9020GAT are medium-sized, max. 4000 x 4000 mm, airtight / cleanroom applications, inside usage, galvanised steel construction, option Stainless steel 304, gravity drive system, opening speed up to 1,2 m/s (Option: 2,0 m/s). The Albany HS9020GAT offers a perfect sealing thanks to a unique design. It requires very little space and protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt.