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keyboard_arrow_upOctaeco Floor vs Traditional Floor
keyboard_arrow_downOctaeco Floor vs Traditional Floor

Working load limits of up to 20,000 kg per square metre. Water and weatherproof.  Quick and easy to install. All this makes OCTAFLOOR more than just double floors. They are suitable for every project of any size. Indoor and outdoor. Individually adjustable to special shapes or uneven floors. With illuminated edges and edge guards.


OCTALUMINA sets benchmarks in terms of quality and easy assembly. The use of high power LEDs ensures an even illumination of the OCTALUMINA frames with a set-up as easy as pie. Thanks to LED modules and power supply units coming fully assembled and ready for connection, you save valuable time and cut costs.

keyboard_arrow_upStarline® Plug-In Raceway Quick Installation
keyboard_arrow_downStarline® Plug-In Raceway Quick Installation

Starline Plug-In Raceway was created to meet the ever-changing power distribution and Datacom needs of research, pharmaceutical, and university labs, as well as hospitals and data labs. Though it may look like other raceway products, Starline Plug-In Raceway has the unique ability to add or relocate plug-in modules anywhere on the raceway quickly and easily.

keyboard_arrow_upOctanorm | Exhibition Systems | Basic Function Excentric Lock
keyboard_arrow_downOctanorm | Exhibition Systems | Basic Function Excentric Lock

Designed here – built there is the key benefit of the OSPI network. It allows you to plan your exhibition stand at one location and have it constructed, both quickly and efficiently, at any other desired location worldwide.

keyboard_arrow_upStarline® Plug-In Raceway Power for Laboratories
keyboard_arrow_downStarline® Plug-In Raceway Power for Laboratories

Starline Plug-In Raceway provides site managers with fast and economical solutions for supplying and expanding power distribution throughout facilities. Modules can be accessed at any location to deliver a reliable and convenient power connection to keep laboratories, offices and other critical facilities working at peak efficiency. Address your power distribution needs in a matter of […]

keyboard_arrow_upStarline® DC Solutions for Data Centers
keyboard_arrow_downStarline® DC Solutions for Data Centers

Starline DC Solutions offers a Direct Current power solution for data centers based on the patented Chip2Grid technology. This solution delivers: – Increase in reliability – Lower operating and capital costs – Electrical infrastructure space savings – Higher efficiency Starline DC Solutions offers convertible, renewable, and sustainable power distribution for data centers.

keyboard_arrow_upOctanorm | EuroShop 2017 | Timelapse
keyboard_arrow_downOctanorm | EuroShop 2017 | Timelapse

The basis of your project. With a secure and structurally strong connection of lock and bolt. Flexible beams making full use of the available space. Intuitive planning tools. All this makes OCTAuniversal much more than a simple framework construction: a universal system for exhibition construction, interior design and individual projects. A look forward into the […]

keyboard_arrow_upOctanorm | Magnetic Holder
keyboard_arrow_downOctanorm | Magnetic Holder

The huge value of our system is the universal magnetic wall retainer (max. load 5 kg) for mounting a variety of faceouts, shelves and literature holders, tried and tested fabric tension technique (extrusion M 1307) with bracing possibilities for large formats and single and double sided use.  A further plus is the quick and easy change of fabric […]

keyboard_arrow_upFirmfit | Waterproof Floors | Traviata
keyboard_arrow_downFirmfit | Waterproof Floors | Traviata

FIRMFIT Flooring There’s no feeling like finally coming home! A space you’ve carefully thought out and created that corresponds to your life and will allow you to grow and spend time with your family, friends and will withstand the daily demands of an active lifestyle. Simply put, where you can live. FIRMFIT™ was developed with […]

keyboard_arrow_upExcellumax | JUNG KNX Smart Control
keyboard_arrow_downExcellumax | JUNG KNX Smart Control
keyboard_arrow_upFastmount® Panel Mounting Systems Introduction
keyboard_arrow_downFastmount® Panel Mounting Systems Introduction

Fastmount® is an innovative hidden panel mounting system which provides a superior panel finish with perfect alignment. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Fastmount clips are precision moulded using engineering grade plastic.

keyboard_arrow_upEDT Reccontec | Waste To Energy
keyboard_arrow_downEDT Reccontec | Waste To Energy

MYT – Maximum Yield Technology extracts the maximum energy and raw material potential from residual household waste…

keyboard_arrow_upGreenhive | GrowUp Greenwalls by Vicinity – How it works
keyboard_arrow_downGreenhive | GrowUp Greenwalls by Vicinity – How it works

A detailed explanation of how the Vicinity Greenwall system works

keyboard_arrow_upMetal Cladding Category Winner Steel Awards 2017
keyboard_arrow_downMetal Cladding Category Winner Steel Awards 2017

The striking, winding metal roof of the new terminal building at the Kasane Airport in Botswana was announced as the Winner of the Metal Cladding Award at the SAISC Steel Awards 2017. The awards ceremony, which was held in September 2017, honours innovative use of steel and innovation in design, fabrication or construction, and technical […]

keyboard_arrow_upAlchimica S.A. Waterproofing Leadership
keyboard_arrow_downAlchimica S.A. Waterproofing Leadership

ALCHIMICATM is a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of specialty polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications. For over 35 years, ALCHIMICATM has successfully provided products and services to architects, engineers, home builders, contractors and building owners worldwide. Our 1 and 2 part polyurethane systems have a proven track record of high […]

keyboard_arrow_upHow to tell if your Retractable Security Gate is a genuine Trellidor
keyboard_arrow_downHow to tell if your Retractable Security Gate is a genuine Trellidor

A video on how to tell if your Retractable Security Gate is a genuine Trellidor.

keyboard_arrow_upVoltex MV/LV Solutions Company Profile
keyboard_arrow_downVoltex MV/LV Solutions Company Profile

Voltex MV/LV Solutions provides tailor-made manufacturing products and services, which are directly sold to the end user. Voltex MV/LV Solutions has a central focus in the production of LV/MV panels and switchgear, variable speed drives, motor control centres, distribution boards, mini-subs, standby generators and specialised assemblies. Voltex MV/ LV Solutions is able to use specified […]

keyboard_arrow_upSound Xperience: Multiroom Audio
keyboard_arrow_downSound Xperience: Multiroom Audio

Looking for a smart, simple solution for your home audio? Multiroom is the a great solution!

keyboard_arrow_upSound Xperience: Home Automation – Imagine a Smart Home
keyboard_arrow_downSound Xperience: Home Automation – Imagine a Smart Home

Imagine a world where you can turn your TV on, close your curtains and control the lighting in your house all with the touch of a button. This is all possible with home automation. Advantages of Home Automation include simple, practical functionality, great security features and energy efficiency.

keyboard_arrow_upSound Xperience: Build the smart home of your dreams
keyboard_arrow_downSound Xperience: Build the smart home of your dreams

Are you looking to build the smart home of your dreams? Contact Sound Xperience for step by step assistance.

keyboard_arrow_upZIP Hydrotap
keyboard_arrow_downZIP Hydrotap

The newest addition to our range provides instant filtered, boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap!

keyboard_arrow_upThe Aeropress with Craig Charity
keyboard_arrow_downThe Aeropress with Craig Charity

The Aeropress with Craig Charity using the Franke Zip Hydrotap.

keyboard_arrow_upStratos – Washroom Accessories
keyboard_arrow_downStratos – Washroom Accessories

Signature curve design, hygienic and vandal resistant. The Stratos range is treated with Inoxplus Nanotechnology for long lasting clean finishes.

keyboard_arrow_upRodan Washroom Accessories
keyboard_arrow_downRodan Washroom Accessories

Made from high grade stainless steel the Rodan range is incredibly durable, easy to maintain and built to last.

keyboard_arrow_upMaris Germ Resistant Kitchen Sink
keyboard_arrow_downMaris Germ Resistant Kitchen Sink

Fragranite is germ, scratch and impact resistant. It’s treated with ‘Sanitised’ and reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%.

keyboard_arrow_upLunar Motion Sink Mixer
keyboard_arrow_downLunar Motion Sink Mixer

Franke’s Lunar Motion adjustable sink mixer…

keyboard_arrow_upKitchen Showroom
keyboard_arrow_downKitchen Showroom

Take a look at the range of kitchen systems on display at the Franke South Africa showroom in Durban.

keyboard_arrow_upZip Hydroboil
keyboard_arrow_downZip Hydroboil

No more wasted time waiting for water to boil. The Zip Hydroboil provides instant boiling water 24 hours a day for hot beverages and food preparation at the touch of a lever. Designed to operate at within 3°C of boiling point.

keyboard_arrow_upFranke Hands Free Washroom Accessories
keyboard_arrow_downFranke Hands Free Washroom Accessories

Sensor operated soap and paper towel dispensers and hand dryers for heavily frequented washrooms.