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Raised "cradle deck" flooring system with unique water harvesting application

Using raised cement pavers

Sustainability is the key feature of a new outdoor raised flooring application which is laid on recycled truck tyres and will harvest vast volumes of rainwater.  This system is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The InstaCradle system is comprised of cement pavers (600 x 600 x 40mm) which are loosely placed on top of rubber cradles (small square rubber feet) made from recycled truck and car tyres, combined with a weatherproof aluminium support structure. The height of the raised paving slab can vary from 90 – 245mm under the pavers.   The pavers are “free” floating and not joined with grout, thus allowing the rainwater to flow through the gaps between the pavers.  The cradles are also fully recyclable and the pavers can be lifted if they or the cradles need to be replaced.

The purpose of this elevated outdoor flooring system is to allow rainwater to drain off the pavers and to direct water flow away from the building, to be collected at drainage points and be potentially reused as greywater elsewhere.

The pavers can be manufactured in various colours and textures to suit the building.

For more information on this new and exciting system, please contact Union Tiles – Robert or Alex on 011-663-2022.

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