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Let's talk trending tiles

Today, we would like to discuss what is currently trending and in high demand from our customers.

wood look bathroom tiles

The discerning pattern or feature tile, call it what you will but, defining textures, Patterns, profiles are definitely very ‘IN VOGUE’ right now.

bathroom trending tiles

The profile and design tiles coming out of Spain and Italy are innovative, many abstract, others just with the most beautiful intricate design work on.

What makes these tiles so inspiring is the fact that the designs are not limited to a ‘BATHROOM LOOK’, but can be used for entrance halls making a statement without becoming overpowering.  Many of the ‘Tones and colour blends’ are natural or soft and flowing.

In between the natural tones we have seen some very vibrant colours slowly creeping in, especially in tones of green.  The shades of icy greys, cool moss and forest ferns certainly triumph as the trending shade of preference amongst the creams and rustics.  We will however not leave out the fresh hints of blue that delve down to the depths where the blue is striking waves of azure and navy.

black and white metro tile bathroom

Matt blacks for the walls in the long and slender has really hit the ‘high spot’ in design.  Walls done with a 7.5 x 40 or 80 x 400mm in satin black tiled vertically is the distinct air of dramatic drama with brass accents!  Even the metallics in the 100x100mm and 100x200mm formats are showcasing at the design fairs in Italy.

white and grey hues in bathroom trends

Floors:  So, 120×60 and 800×800 are still ruling for your corporate contracts.  The days when ‘small bathrooms’ were tiled with small tiles are definitely a thing of the past.  Now it is a case of bringing on the ‘BIGGER THE BETTER!’ Customers domestically are as discerning about size as your corporates.

The interesting factor amongst this however is the love for the ‘metro’ tile.  Whether or not it is the influence of the American ‘Renovate it’ programs or the Australian ‘The Block’ the metro tile laid herringbone or chevron is certainly ‘IN.’ and clearly here to stay.

Watch this space for another update on ‘LET’S TALK TILES!’

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