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Spring & Summer tile trends

Hello everyone

The cold is gone, the hot weather is back, and the true African spirit Beats with the ‘look’ of stone. The large format in tiles is definitely taking hold of the market.  The 60×120 format and 80×80 including other larger formats are increasingly in demand.   This growing trend is not just for designers but is being enjoyed by architects and developers.  When it comes to selection, the natural stone look is in! The polished porcelain marbles are available in all shades, from the romantic smoky shades to the bright fresh sophisticated Carrara’s and finally, back to the now trending softer creamy tones. Another trend that really hit the overseas market and is flooding through South Africa with vengeance, is the Terrazzo look.

cool terrazzo looking tiles

Union Tiles, well we do sit in the pound seats here, as we manufacture the ‘real thing’ when it comes to Terrazzo, and we stock vast quantities of glazed porcelain terrazzo ‘look-a-likes.’’ The colours, textures, and quality are amazing.  If you visit Union Tiles in Bedfordview you will see the largest range of pure natural materials under one roof.

porcelain tiles that look like marble

In addition to this, we have the most amazing range of ‘full-body’ tiles and glazed porcelain.  In fact, we have so many various exciting products to fill the senses you really need to visit.  Do come in, spend time with one of our consultants, let them explain the differences between the products, or assist you in staying within your budget but, having a beautiful creatively finished home.

See you soon.

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