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Sanitary care for kids

Koala Kare a brand distributed by Candid Baby, is the world’s most recognised brand of baby changing stations and commercial childcare products. Helping operators of public establishments equip their operations to accommodate the needs of caregivers and their children. Koala Kare offers the highest level of safety and cleanliness in their products.

baby changing station baby smiling and safe

The baby changing station compliments every restroom decor with the option of a stainless steel veneer for the upscale restroom facility. The vertically mounted wall options offer a space-saving solution in cramped restrooms. The child protection seat mounts to the wall or partition to keep children safe while parents use the facilities.

Safety, Sanitation and Strength

The baby changing stations contain antimicrobial technology. This substance works to destroy or inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mould and mildew. Unlike disinfectants, which provides a limited residual activity, integrated antimicrobial technology works to continuously reduce the number of microbes on a treated product throughout its expected lifecycle. An antimicrobial additive is a substance that contains an appropriately registered antimicrobial agent. The additive is integrated at the manufacturing stage and provides protection from the growth of microbes.

koala kare baby changing stations can take 90kg of weight

The stations are embedded with antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause stains, odours and product degradation. Koala Kare works closely with Microban’s experienced team of microbiologists, chemists and engineers to create the perfect antimicrobial product. After accounting for vital factors such as product-compound interactions and targeted additive loading levels, each product has its own customised antimicrobial additive resulting in exclusive Microban product protection.

baby on vertically wall mounted changing station

Multi-point mounting options for durability; such as horizontal surface mount; oval wall-mounted in grey; vertical wall-mounted or a cream protection seat. The stations have neatly concealed hardware. The steel-on-steel hinge prevents wearing. Provides smooth concave change surface for maximum comfort for the baby. No pinch points, soft contours cradle child. The baby changing station is easy to maintain with seamless construction. Constructed of high-density polypropylene or polyethylene and supports a 90kg weight. Virtually no deflection and a heavy-duty chassis provide peace of mind.

Maintenance and sanitation matters

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