keyboard_arrow_upNew Mac Care Janitor Sink at the newly constructed AC Hotel
keyboard_arrow_downNew Mac Care Janitor Sink at the newly constructed AC Hotel

Mac Brothers are proud to announce that it has launched the new Mac Care Janitor sink at the newly constructed AC Hotel by Marriot Cape Town Waterfront. The hotel managers selected this sanitaryware because it is a combination of a janitor sink with a hand wash basin for improved hygiene. The new Mac Care Janitor […]

keyboard_arrow_upDraining water from the roof quickly
keyboard_arrow_downDraining water from the roof quickly

A really good roof drainage system only needs to be able to do one thing – drain water from the roof quickly and in a controlled manner. To further simplify the installation of the Pluvia roof drainage system, Geberit has now completely redesigned its roof outlets. The new roof outlets are not only more convenient […]

keyboard_arrow_upClever solutions for modern bathrooms
keyboard_arrow_downClever solutions for modern bathrooms

The new Ultraflat 54 and Ultraflat 79 floor drain is available from EDT Eurodrain KESSEL Technology. Lowest installation height on the market Even easier to install Even safer to use The minimum installation height makes the Ultraflat floor drain ideal for renovation work and new construction. Characterised by its very low-profile design, the bathroom drain […]

keyboard_arrow_upOil and fuel separators protect our groundwater
keyboard_arrow_downOil and fuel separators protect our groundwater

In order to protect our groundwater, it is important that oil and fuel separators are used where the rainwater or wastewater could be polluted with oils or hydrocarbons that are difficult to dissolve. It is essential to use oil/fuel separators at petrol stations, car washes, vehicle repair workshops and in fact any place where machines […]

keyboard_arrow_upPrevent damage with the Staufix backwater valve
keyboard_arrow_downPrevent damage with the Staufix backwater valve

Backwater occurs again and again. Many builders and home owners are at risk of backwater damage. Property and asset damage due to backwater and flooding has never been greater than it is today. In addition, municipalities and insurance companies do not accept any responsibility and are not liable in case of damage. Yet protection against […]

keyboard_arrow_upWhat is backwater?
keyboard_arrow_downWhat is backwater?

All the outlet pipes from drainage fixtures in buildings (washing machines, showers, toilets etc.) are connected to the sewer, forming a linked pipe system. If the wastewater cannot flow freely through the sewer e.g. after heavy rainfall or due to blockages in the sewer pipes, it is pushed back into the connected outlet pipes and […]

keyboard_arrow_upChoose EDT Eurodrain-KESSEL for hospital drainage solutions
keyboard_arrow_downChoose EDT Eurodrain-KESSEL for hospital drainage solutions

Safe and reliable draining from the basement to the roof. Powerful lifting stations take over the complete basement drainage in rooms below the backwater level, and pump wastewater from showers, toilets, washing machines or separators into the elevated public sewage system.

keyboard_arrow_upDesign of hospital drainage
keyboard_arrow_downDesign of hospital drainage

The design of hospitals is under the control of the Department of Health and as per their document R158. This document is unfortunately not complete and does not address the water and drainage systems of hospitals, it only states that it must be “certified by an “appropriately qualified engineer”. It also notes that the design […]

keyboard_arrow_upHybrid drainage systems for gravity sloped wastewater pipes
keyboard_arrow_downHybrid drainage systems for gravity sloped wastewater pipes

Current regulations recommend a lifting station for the drainage of buildings even if natural gravity drainage is available. A lifting station is, of course, a must if the collected wastewater is below public sewer level and needs to be lifted to sewer level, hence the name lifting station.

keyboard_arrow_upEcoguss® floor & parking deck drains
keyboard_arrow_downEcoguss® floor & parking deck drains

Ecoguss® is a new material that is becoming more and more accepted. Drains made from Ecoguss® combine all the advantages of polymer drains, such as low weight and no corrosion, with the advantages of cast iron drains, such as sound insulation and heat resistance, but without having to accept their specific disadvantages. For this reason, […]

keyboard_arrow_upEDT Eurodrain-KESSEL lifting stations
keyboard_arrow_downEDT Eurodrain-KESSEL lifting stations

The Aqualift F Basic lifting station is an economic solution for domestic wastewater disposal. It is designed to handle wastewater with and without sewage for free-standing installation in frost-free rooms.

keyboard_arrow_upImprove your shower experience with the touch of a button
keyboard_arrow_downImprove your shower experience with the touch of a button

Now for the first time, the Croma features Select technology – making it easy to switch between spray modes at the touch of a button. The Croma Select range consists of hand showers, overhead showers, shower pipes and offers multiple shower spray options for your every need. The Croma Select Multi hand shower provides an individualised shower experience with three different kinds of spray modes: a soft rain shower, a powerful intense rain mode and a pulsating water jet massage. The Vario allows users to switch from a soft rain shower to the strong turbo rain mode.

keyboard_arrow_upNew improved tamperproof floor drain
keyboard_arrow_downNew improved tamperproof floor drain

It is well known within the food industry that pilfering and shop lifting often takes place via the floor drains. The goods are simply flushed down the drain to be collected later at the outlet, outside the premises.

keyboard_arrow_upKaytech drainage solutions for domestic basement garage
keyboard_arrow_downKaytech drainage solutions for domestic basement garage

Construction of underground premises can be tricky when there is excess subsurface water.  Kaytech’s Flo-Drain provides a purpose-made, cost-effective solution to this type of subsoil drainage situation.  This problem presented itself when a basement garage was under construction for a Kempton Park home owner’s private car collection. On excavating the site, ground water was exposed that needed to be collected and drained in a controlled manner. 

keyboard_arrow_upReady-to-go kitchens
keyboard_arrow_downReady-to-go kitchens

Property developers in the affordable housing market are turning to pre-manufactured “bolt-on” kitchens to speed up delivery and keep up with growing demand. 

keyboard_arrow_upHeat pumps in demand for hot water systems
keyboard_arrow_downHeat pumps in demand for hot water systems

Demand for Cobra Watertech’s hot water heat pumps for the second phase of residential development at Jackal Creek Golf Estate in Northriding, Johannesburg, has surpassed expectations. 

keyboard_arrow_upEliminating lead from plastic pipes
keyboard_arrow_downEliminating lead from plastic pipes

Members of the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers’ Association (SAPPMA) have placed the organisation as a global frontrunner in eliminating lead stabilisers from the manufacture of PVC piping products in South Africa. 

keyboard_arrow_upPipe systems for cost-effective interior plumbing
keyboard_arrow_downPipe systems for cost-effective interior plumbing

 Cobra supplies one of the most comprehensive ranges of plumbing fittings in the world and it includes Cobra’s Safe Single Layer Pipe (SLP) and Multi-Layer Pipe (MLP) systems which offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional pipe installations and joining methods.  The two systems comprise 15mm, 22mm and 28mm single layer and multi-layer pipes, Cobra Safe Inserts, and a specially designed pipe cutting tool. The MLP system also includes a pipe preparation tool which ensures that the inserts fit the pipe correctly.

keyboard_arrow_upSABS honours leading plastic pipes manufacturer
keyboard_arrow_downSABS honours leading plastic pipes manufacturer

DPI Plastics, a leading South African manufacturer of water reticulation, drainage and pipe-fitting systems, recently received an award from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) in recognition of its 20-year commitment to the quality standards authority and its consistent support for the SABS over this period.  Johannesburg-based DPI Plastics is one of only two plastic pipe manufacturers in the country to reach this milestone. The company was presented with the award at a special function last year which attracted more than 350 guests from across the industry.

keyboard_arrow_upNew gasket fitting for high-pressure pipes
keyboard_arrow_downNew gasket fitting for high-pressure pipes

As a specialist supplier of pipes, fittings, valves, pumps and related products for carrying water, other liquids and gases in various applications, Incledon stocks over 14 000 preferred products. The company has recently introduced a new mechanical compression fitting for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes – one designed to withstand working pressures of up to 16 bar, compared to the industry standard of 10 bar.