keyboard_arrow_upHave we learnt to design for fire prevention?
keyboard_arrow_downHave we learnt to design for fire prevention?

The cost of safety When looking for good-quality certified fire-rated aluminium composite panels, Stalcor Facades snapped up Alubond U.S.A.’s desire to partner up with one of SA’s largest aluminium and stainless steel suppliers. Stalcor recognised the need for responsible cladding materials. Here’s why Alubond U.S.A. was the obvious choice… Fire incidents have been a problem […]

keyboard_arrow_upArchitectural applications for aluminium composite panels
keyboard_arrow_downArchitectural applications for aluminium composite panels

Architects and designers use Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) mainly as external cladding for façades of buildings and for signage. However, its uses and applications in commercial projects, buildings and houses are varied. Most shopping malls, high rise buildings, feature walls/entrances and shop signs make use of ACP. Interior applications include internal partition walls, lobby and […]

keyboard_arrow_up125 tons of cladding cover this warehouse
keyboard_arrow_down125 tons of cladding cover this warehouse

Bosch is a prominent supplier of home appliances in South Africa. The company required a new factory and warehouse facility and appointed Empowered Spaces to design a facility that would ‘wow’ their staff and guests.   The brief to the architect for the new facility, which is located in Witfontein opposite the Serengeti Golf Estate, […]

keyboard_arrow_upUnique curving shapes in steel
keyboard_arrow_downUnique curving shapes in steel

SA Airlink is an international flight training facility for pilots that airline Airlink created in conjunction with the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer. Embraer has brought in full flight simulators to train international pilots on their aircraft at the facility. The brief to the architect was to design an internationally rated flight training facility that could […]

keyboard_arrow_upSteel achieves the spans required for new printing facility
keyboard_arrow_downSteel achieves the spans required for new printing facility

Hirt and Carter is an industrial building/office space that consists of a shared printing facility and head office in KwaZulu-Natal. Initially, the client was looking for a project site where they could build their new office and factory component. Over the course of the design stage with the architect, the tenant of the building realised […]

keyboard_arrow_upOver 300 tonnes of cladding specified for Gibela Train Station
keyboard_arrow_downOver 300 tonnes of cladding specified for Gibela Train Station

Gibela Rail Transport Consortium is a new empowered South African rail company tasked with the revitalisation of rail transport in South African metro areas. The purpose of the Gibela Train Station project was to create a train manufacturing facility in Nigel, Gauteng. Several processes needed to be housed within the facility and the design team […]

keyboard_arrow_upInteresting background to Sun Arena Menlyn Maine
keyboard_arrow_downInteresting background to Sun Arena Menlyn Maine

Time Square Sun Arena was the Commercial Category Winner at the recent Steel Awards. What’s interesting is that the original project wasn’t envisaged in steel but in concrete. For practical reasons, this was later changed to steel. Read on to find out more. The Sun Arena at Time Square in Menlyn Maine is the biggest […]

keyboard_arrow_upHigh Definition Interiors boasts an unusual exterior
keyboard_arrow_downHigh Definition Interiors boasts an unusual exterior

The new building for High Definition Interiors is clad in Brownbuilt 406 profiled steel sheeting to provide a warehouse feel, while offering a sleek and clean aesthetic.

keyboard_arrow_upYour quartzite questions answered
keyboard_arrow_downYour quartzite questions answered

What can we say about Quartzite? Well, it is a wonderful, hard and strong natural stone ideal for a variety of applications. What is quartzite made from? It is a hard, non- foliated metamorphic rock that was originally pure quartz sandstone.  Sandstone is converted into quartzite through heating and pressure usually related to tectonic compression […]

keyboard_arrow_upFlorim Magnum now available exclusively from Union Tiles
keyboard_arrow_downFlorim Magnum now available exclusively from Union Tiles

Union Tiles is proud to announce that Florim Magnum large format sintered porcelain stoneware tiles are now exclusively available from its stores nationwide.

keyboard_arrow_up7 Awe-inspiring marble use cases
keyboard_arrow_down7 Awe-inspiring marble use cases

Marble is an exceptionally versatile material used for centuries to create awe-inspiring art, majestic staircases, classic kitchens and resplendent flooring. With today’s contemporary design trends, the wide selection of marble can be used in more ways than ever before.

keyboard_arrow_upTAL plays key role in major wall feature at Anslow Office Park, Phase II
keyboard_arrow_downTAL plays key role in major wall feature at Anslow Office Park, Phase II

The 10 500 m2 turnkey office development is located just off William Nicol Drive, within the highly-successful Bryanston office node.

keyboard_arrow_upSurrounded by sandstone
keyboard_arrow_downSurrounded by sandstone

Sandstone is generally formed from beds of sand below the sea or low lying areas.  As this bed of sand subsides into the earth’s crust, usually pressed down by overlaying sediments, it is heated and compressed.  Water flows slowly through all these tiny grains, importing minerals.  Minerals crystallise around the sand grains and cement them […]

keyboard_arrow_upGuidelines when using granite
keyboard_arrow_downGuidelines when using granite

As previously stated in the article covering marble, the most crucial aspect to using granite is ensuring that you have the installation done by a professional with experience.

keyboard_arrow_upNutec Fibre Cement shapes with waterjet cutting
keyboard_arrow_downNutec Fibre Cement shapes with waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is widely known for its ability to cut virtually any material to near net shape. When it comes to Nutec fibre-cement manufactured by Everite Building Products, waterjet cutting is precise and accurate and retains the quality and inherent strength of Nutec.

keyboard_arrow_upMulti-wall polycarbonate systems – the natural choice
keyboard_arrow_downMulti-wall polycarbonate systems – the natural choice

GRS has teamed up with a select group of leading international manufacturers of polycarbonate multi-wall panels, under the brand name Clear-Clad, to provide the South African building industry with a complete range of installation possibilities for commercial and industrial buildings, roof skylights and cladding solutions. Clear-Clad is a new generation of multi-wall polycarbonate panel systems […]

keyboard_arrow_upNaturally defined: surfacing trends 2018
keyboard_arrow_downNaturally defined: surfacing trends 2018

From a design perspective, there has never been so much choice available to specifiers. Ongoing research and development in the Sintered Stone Surface market has meant there is now something to suit any taste and application. From realistic colour palettes and sensitive detailing to silky smooth finishes and subtle texturing, the industry is constantly looking […]

keyboard_arrow_upComplex geometry bags Metal Cladding Award at SAISC Steel Awards 2017
keyboard_arrow_downComplex geometry bags Metal Cladding Award at SAISC Steel Awards 2017

The striking, winding metal roof of the new terminal building at the Kasane Airport in Botswana was announced as the Winner of the Metal Cladding Award at the SAISC Steel Awards 2017. The awards ceremony, which was held in September 2017, honours innovative use of steel and innovation in design, fabrication or construction, and technical […]

keyboard_arrow_upWorktop choices from Franke – colours, textures, matt, gloss, and more
keyboard_arrow_downWorktop choices from Franke – colours, textures, matt, gloss, and more

Leader in intelligent kitchen solutions, Franke South Africa, has revealed its new product line – a comprehensive Worktops & Surfaces Range. Franke Worktops take their names from the high quality materials used: Solid, Quartz and Stone and are available in a range of colours and finishes.

keyboard_arrow_upCladding au naturel
keyboard_arrow_downCladding au naturel

Union Tiles offers a wide range of wall claddings for any application, either for residential or commercial use, or for decorative features in any project where style, affordability and quality are the order of the day.

keyboard_arrow_upIntelligent surfaces and thermal improvement
keyboard_arrow_downIntelligent surfaces and thermal improvement

The PIZ System has been designed for cladding and will improve the thermal characteristics of any type of building.

keyboard_arrow_upTransforming an idea into reality with Chromadek®
keyboard_arrow_downTransforming an idea into reality with Chromadek®

©Photo credit: Global Roofing SolutionsThe cladding to the new Head Office for Statistics SA, winner of the Global Roofing Solutions Metal Cladding Category at Steel Awards 2016, accentuates the strong geometric lines of the building. When the landscape demands a rapport with the building, the architecture needs to be approached accordingly. How so? Through design that accords and defines cladding possibilities. Consider the new Head Office for Statistics SA. If you haven’t seen this stunning building envelope yet, it’s derived from the Chromadek® coils manufactured by ArcelorMittal South Africa, who then supply a number of roofing and cladding profilers that then convert Chromadek® coils into bespoke roofing and cladding systems. Chromadek® cladding represents an envelope or an opportunity to represent a space.

keyboard_arrow_upVan Acht Versa Wood timber cladding
keyboard_arrow_downVan Acht Versa Wood timber cladding

Versa Wood timber cladding is a great way to finish off the outside of your home. It gives the exterior the look and feel of a wooden structure while blending in well with any glass, stone or rock sections in the wall.

keyboard_arrow_upNatural stone for wall cladding
keyboard_arrow_downNatural stone for wall cladding

Although most natural stone can be used with equal effect on both floors and walls, Natural Stone Warehouse also offers a vast array of stone, sourced from across the globe, specifically for wall cladding.

keyboard_arrow_upMetal cladding and roofing association launched
keyboard_arrow_downMetal cladding and roofing association launched

In launching the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA) in Johannesburg on the 30th October 2013, SAMCRA chairman, Johann van der Westhuizen, said that an association had become essential for an industry that uses, inter alia, 650 000 tons of metal and colour coated coil per annum.

keyboard_arrow_upGrowing use of plastic cladding
keyboard_arrow_downGrowing use of plastic cladding

The current economic crunch and the call for more energy-efficient buildings have led companies to reinvestigate the use of traditional construction materials and to consider alternative composites, such as glass reinforced plastic (GRP), for some applications.  Originally developed in 1938 for use in insulation, GRP is highly durable and combines a number of attributes including high impact strength, low weight, dimensional stability and weatherability. GRP has been used successfully in projects such as the new 3 050m² Masscash Holdings trading warehouse, contracted to Scheltema. The warehouse, with an apex height of 12m which affords the client flexibility in its racking layout and allows for bulk storage of up to six metres, was one of the first large-scale projects in the Western Cape to make use of the non-fragile GRP sheeting known as Modek GRP Walk-on. 

keyboard_arrow_upSA cladding for London Underground station
keyboard_arrow_downSA cladding for London Underground station

South African company Jet Park-based Vitrex continues its exports of Vitraclad architectural cladding to the United Kingdom and recently saw the completion of another London Underground contract.  Cristian Cottino, sales and marketing director at Vitrex, says the order for 350m² of vitreous enamelled steel cladding was for installation at the City Thameslink underground station, located between Blackfriars and Farringdon on the Thameslink route. The station is being extended and refurbished as London prepares to host the summer Olympic Games in 2012.

keyboard_arrow_upNatural stone from quarry to cladding
keyboard_arrow_downNatural stone from quarry to cladding

Franco D’Agnolo, founder and director of Marble Classic in Isando, has worked with marble and other stone since he was 18 years old. He now controls one of the biggest groups of companies in the natural stone market in southern Africa.  Since it was established in 1992, Marble Classic has been a member of the Gauteng Master Builders Association (GMBA). The company specialises in natural stone in general and is involved in quarrying, processing the stone into slabs, cutting to size, and installation.

keyboard_arrow_upEPS wall panels for Soweto Theatre
keyboard_arrow_downEPS wall panels for Soweto Theatre

Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems recently completed the installation of thermal and sound insulating wall panels at the new Soweto Theatre in Jabulani, Soweto.  “The Futurehouse wall panel system comprises high tensile galvanised steel mesh encasing lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS). It was used for the cladding of internal and external walls of the curved east and west wings of the new theatre,” says Craig Paton-Ash of Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems.

keyboard_arrow_upFire-resistant cladding for hotel fire safety
keyboard_arrow_downFire-resistant cladding for hotel fire safety

The Grand Daddy Hotel off Long Street in Cape Town has become something of a landmark since the former Metropole Hotel was converted into what is termed ‘a fashion hotel’ with a rooftop trailer park. Each of the Grand Daddy’s Airstream Penthouse Trailers is air-conditioned and has an en suite bathroom. The classic trailers were sourced in the USA by the developers, Jody Aufrichtig and Nicholas Ferguson, along with others in the team, Stefan Botha, Sergio Dreyer and Francois van Binsbergen. The rooftop also features a mini-outdoor cinema and a residents’ bar beneath a freeform tent where guests can relax. The revamp of the hotel was the work of interior stylist Tracy Lynch and each trailer on the rooftop was custom designed by individual Cape Town designers.