keyboard_arrow_upDecorex Cape Town Reveals the 2019 Trends to Light Up Any Space
keyboard_arrow_downDecorex Cape Town Reveals the 2019 Trends to Light Up Any Space

When it comes to interior design, the final element that ties the room together – while enhancing the standout décor pieces – is lighting. The intricacies of this particular interior design item will be beautifully showcased by lighting experts, Fundi Light & Living at the 2019 Decorex Cape Town taking place at the Cape Town […]

keyboard_arrow_upDecorex Durban lightens the mood with its latest feature
keyboard_arrow_downDecorex Durban lightens the mood with its latest feature

A previously underrated aspect in décor, lighting is now getting worthwhile recognition for its functional and aesthetic impact on design. To showcase the diverse nature of interior and exterior lighting, Decorex Durban has brought in leading lighting suppliers, Springlights, who will be putting together an illuminating feature at this year’s show, taking place at the […]

keyboard_arrow_upA tested technology with a renewed sense of relevance
keyboard_arrow_downA tested technology with a renewed sense of relevance

Technilamp specialises in the design, manufacture, assembly, installation and maintenance of customised equipment to disinfect against harmful pathogens and extend the shelf life of fresh foods. The company works closely with Philips Lighting in all aspects of the design and functionality of the equipment. The discovery of Listeriosis in a leading FMCG meat processing plant […]

keyboard_arrow_up2018 Lighting trends by Streamlight designer, Brad Kalish
keyboard_arrow_down2018 Lighting trends by Streamlight designer, Brad Kalish

From the warm glow of industrial Edison bulbs and pendant lights to oversized fixtures and geometric angle pieces, 2018 will feature trendy metal finishes and fixtures that are sure to be striking, dramatic, edgy, and retro. Below are 5 trends that Streamlight designer, Brad Kalish says we will see this year.

keyboard_arrow_upNordland Lighting still shining brightly after 50 years of innovation
keyboard_arrow_downNordland Lighting still shining brightly after 50 years of innovation

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Nordland Lighting continued its strong tradition of local innovation by launching its first Zone 2 LED luminaires for mining, oil & gas and petrochemical applications.

keyboard_arrow_upVoltex shines in Weltevreden Park
keyboard_arrow_downVoltex shines in Weltevreden Park

Voltex is proud to announce the opening of its specialised commercial, industrial, professional and residential lighting branch in Weltevreden.

keyboard_arrow_upNational English Literary Museum acquires 5-Star Green Star SA PEB v1 As-Built rating
keyboard_arrow_downNational English Literary Museum acquires 5-Star Green Star SA PEB v1 As-Built rating

The National English Literary Museum was the first Public & Education (PEB) building in South Africa to achieve a 5-Star Green Star SA rating for its design in November 2013, and it can now add an impressive 5-Star Green Star SA PEB v1 As-Built rating to its list of achievements – a first for the Eastern Cape as well as South Africa.

keyboard_arrow_upLighting up the shower
keyboard_arrow_downLighting up the shower

The Design Line of shower drainage products offer wall drains and shower channels that incorporate LED lighting – adding atmospheric ambience and unusual focal points to the bathroom.

keyboard_arrow_upThe cost of not investing in energy efficiency
keyboard_arrow_downThe cost of not investing in energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and sustainability is much more than just recycling, it is a matter of how a company does business and their seriousness as well as commitment to preserve the future.

keyboard_arrow_upEndless lighting possibilities with willowlamp custom designs
keyboard_arrow_downEndless lighting possibilities with willowlamp custom designs

South African lighting company, willowlamp is known for exotic designs inspired by nature and geometric patterns made from a patented method of attaching ball chains to laser-cut steel frames. Not only can you choose from an array of striking, unique designs, but you can also choose your own sizes, colours or finishes. At this year’s […]

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy efficient lighting management
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy efficient lighting management

Legrand’s lighting and motion management systems, which are designed to make industrial, commercial and domestic buildings more energy efficient, encompass switch sensors that reduce the amount of time lighting is left on unnecessarily. “Lighting, together with heating and air-conditioning, accounts for the greatest energy consumption and electricity costs of a building,” states Luk Ivens, general […]

keyboard_arrow_upState-of-the-art lighting laboratory
keyboard_arrow_downState-of-the-art lighting laboratory

Energywise Systems, in co-operation with Magnet, has recently established a specialist lighting service laboratory in Riverhorse Valley, Durban, which offers complete photometric, electric and thermal testing of light sources and luminaires.

keyboard_arrow_upLighting up the bathroom
keyboard_arrow_downLighting up the bathroom

The Geberit Monolith sanitary module for toilets features an effective odour extraction unit, a discreet orientation light and electronic actuator buttons. It is available for wall-hung, floor-standing toilets and Geberit AquaClean Shower toilets.

keyboard_arrow_upLED lighting makes financial sense
keyboard_arrow_downLED lighting makes financial sense

Power Beam has launched a new website dedicated to LED lighting for home, business and outdoor use.

keyboard_arrow_upLightGrid introduces Lutron’s innovative shading solutions
keyboard_arrow_downLightGrid introduces Lutron’s innovative shading solutions

Allowing and varying natural light in our homes at the touch of a button is powerful, but controlling it with astronomical TimeClock events and solar-adaptive technology is truly ground-breaking. It recognises daylight as a practical, sustainable light source and demonstrates that technology has advanced to allow for its precise control.

keyboard_arrow_upLG brightens the future
keyboard_arrow_downLG brightens the future

LG Electronics South Africa has released its series of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

keyboard_arrow_upPhilips LED lamps still at 100% after 25 000 hours
keyboard_arrow_downPhilips LED lamps still at 100% after 25 000 hours

Two hundred Philips LED lamps that have been running continuously for 25 000 hours (nearly three years), are still operating at 100 per cent lumen output, according to tests conducted for the US Department of Energy (DoE).

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy efficient lighting management systems for green buildings
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy efficient lighting management systems for green buildings

Legrand’s lighting management systems, designed to make buildings more energy efficient, encompass two types of solutions: stand-alone switch sensors BUS/SCS systems.

keyboard_arrow_upLighting upgrade for energy savings
keyboard_arrow_downLighting upgrade for energy savings

Magnet, specialist in the supply, implementation and support of electrical equipment and industrial instrumentation, last year completed a lighting upgrade project for Dulux, to reduce energy consumption, load and associated costs at the company’s Umbogintwini plant in KwaZulu-Natal.  Brian Howarth, managing director of Magnet says, “Phase 1 of the project involved the design and installation of a new energy-efficient lighting system to deliver electrical performance and energy savings within 10% of calculated predictions. In some cases, the calculated savings have been exceeded. 

keyboard_arrow_upIncreasing options in LED lighting
keyboard_arrow_downIncreasing options in LED lighting

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings is to replace incandescent lamps with more energy-efficient solutions. However, some energy-efficient lamps contain mercury, which is dangerous to the environment, and they have a relatively short lifespan. For this and other reasons, the more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly light emitting diode (LED) technology is poised to replace conventional lighting technologies in both residential and commercial spaces.  Verbatim is at the cutting edge of LED technology and has recently announced a range of super-efficient LED lamps designed to replace conventional bulbs. They are easy to retro-fit into existing fixtures. South African distributor, Drive Control Corporation (DCC), will be stocking and distributing this innovative new range. 

keyboard_arrow_upOccupancy sensors for energy-efficient lighting control
keyboard_arrow_downOccupancy sensors for energy-efficient lighting control

The range of energy-efficient lighting control products and systems manufactured by Legrand includes occupancy sensors that can save hours of wasted electricity each day.  The range of sensors, based on passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies, is designed to switch lighting off in unoccupied areas. The sensors detect occupancy and motion and monitor and control lighting accordingly, offering substantial energy savings.

keyboard_arrow_upUsing spotlights to optimise space
keyboard_arrow_downUsing spotlights to optimise space

The traditional method of lighting a room – a single central pendant light hanging from the ceiling – typically makes for a very stark lighting scheme with little atmosphere. Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse says, “There are many ways of creating atmosphere using carefully planned lighting systems, but one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways is to plan your lighting around the use of spotlights.

keyboard_arrow_upOLED lighting now available
keyboard_arrow_downOLED lighting now available

Verbatim launched the world’s first commercially available, colour tunable organic LED (OLED) lighting panels at Fuori Salone in Milan in April. The OLEDs are based on unique materials technology developed by Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group. As one of the world’s major chemical companies Mitsubishi has over 50 years’ experience in developing lighting materials. Full-scale production of the OLED panels will start from July.

keyboard_arrow_upSaving electricity with CFLs
keyboard_arrow_downSaving electricity with CFLs

South Africans have saved 1 800MW worth of electricity by switching to energy-efficient lighting. The power parastatal, Eskom, recently reported that between 2004 and 2010, 43.5 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) were rolled out across the country as part of its National Efficient Lighting Programme. This is the highest number of CFLs in the world to be rolled out in one country through a single campaign. Through this, South Africans have helped save enough electricity to power a city the size of Durban.

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy efficiency in office lighting
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy efficiency in office lighting

With rising electricity tariffs in South Africa and a powerful global drive for environmental responsibility, Lighting Innovations has developed a recessed fluorescent luminaire that offers customers over 93% energy efficiency. Designed and manufactured locally, the Pinnacle range is ideal for commercial office applications and is the only fluorescent luminaire of its kind in the country.

keyboard_arrow_upOccupancy sensors save electricity
keyboard_arrow_downOccupancy sensors save electricity

Included in the range of energy-efficient electrical products supplied by Durban-based company Magnet are occupancy sensors designed to control lighting, reduce electricity consumption, enhance safety and extend the life of lamps. Brian Howarth, managing director of Magnet says, “The occupancy sensors can be easily retrofitted to an existing system and they provide a highly effective lighting and air conditioning management system with numerous benefits.

keyboard_arrow_upEnergy-saving industrial lighting
keyboard_arrow_downEnergy-saving industrial lighting

Ford Motor Company South Africa (FMCSA) has selected luminaires of the highest quality for lighting at its engine plant in Struandale, Port Elizabeth.   A total of 504 Versabeam 400W metal halide high-bay luminaires, manufactured by international lighting specialists GE Lighting of Europe and supplied locally by Actom Electrical Products, have been installed in the refurbished and new sections of the engine plant. This installation is in line with the

keyboard_arrow_upTargeted outdoor lighting
keyboard_arrow_downTargeted outdoor lighting

Lighting Innovations has introduced the surface-mounted exterior floodlight – the Bullet – to the South African market.

keyboard_arrow_upCorrosion-free light fittings for coastal applications
keyboard_arrow_downCorrosion-free light fittings for coastal applications

Radiant Lighting and Electrical (Radiant) is introducing two new ranges of corrosion-free light fittings – one of CNC aluminium and the other a cutting edge Italian import that makes use of technopolymers and polyglass.

keyboard_arrow_upLEDs lead the way in energy-efficient lighting
keyboard_arrow_downLEDs lead the way in energy-efficient lighting

Since incandescent lighting was first invented by Joseph Wilson Swan and Thomas Edison in the 19th century, lighting technology has taken giant leaps forward. Valerie Poyurs, director of marketing at the Radiant Group (Radiant), suggests that miniature light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are set to become the standard source of illumination for the 21st century.