keyboard_arrow_upImproving acoustics in retail spaces
keyboard_arrow_downImproving acoustics in retail spaces

How a retail space makes you feel, in terms of comfort, has a surprising effect on how you spend and what you spend, and space designers are using this knowledge to create an environment that will maximise your experience.   Noise and sound control in retail environments pose many challenges. Therefore, each application in retail […]

keyboard_arrow_upThe ideal roof, ceiling and wall insulation – Iso-Lam
keyboard_arrow_downThe ideal roof, ceiling and wall insulation – Iso-Lam

The Isolite Group manufactures and distributes expanded polystyrene (EPS) products throughout Southern Africa. The group services a wide range of industries, supplying products ranging from insulation sheets to fish boxes and seed trays to cycle helmets from seven different factory locations. One of the insulation products that form part of their range is Iso-Lam. It […]

keyboard_arrow_upSwartland launches a new range of insulation
keyboard_arrow_downSwartland launches a new range of insulation

Leading local supplier of building-related products, Swartland, has recently launched its Summit range, which comprises all products related to the ceiling and up. The first product to be launched in this range is internationally renowned Knauf insulation. Says Cobus Lourens, from Swartland: “Swartland is very excited to be launching Knauf Mineral Wool Insulation under its […]

keyboard_arrow_upDécor Trend Alert: Feature Ceilings
keyboard_arrow_downDécor Trend Alert: Feature Ceilings

The ceiling is a space in your home that is often overlooked (irony intended), but have you ever thought of what a key accent it could be in your space? We’re talking, sophisticated, unique feature ceilings that can transform your home space. We chatted to Cemcrete, who recently launched their selection of ceiling coatings to […]

keyboard_arrow_upA stronger structural ceiling system
keyboard_arrow_downA stronger structural ceiling system

The Iso Flex-Grid is an engineered structural ceiling system that acts as both a dropped return air ceiling plenum, as well as a support grid, providing a cost effective solution for use in data centres, clean rooms, labs and other environments.

keyboard_arrow_upHow ceilings impact on home comfort
keyboard_arrow_downHow ceilings impact on home comfort

In the article below, Ian Winroth from Saint-Gobain Gyproc discusses three comfort features which should be considered before doing ceiling improvements, to enhance home comfort and value. The homes we live in can potentially impact our health and overall sense of comfort and wellbeing – but how often do we pause to consider what this effect might […]

keyboard_arrow_upTwo in one with IsoBoard insulated ceilings
keyboard_arrow_downTwo in one with IsoBoard insulated ceilings

While IsoBoard Thermal Insulation is white and washable, it does possess a translucent quality. In exposed applications that have a high aesthetic component, or are otherwise close to the eye-line, IsoBoard definitely recommends that you paint the product.

keyboard_arrow_upNoise affects staff and patients
keyboard_arrow_downNoise affects staff and patients

Noise reduces performance There is a significant difference when performing a complex task in a quiet or noisy environment. In a noisy environment the performance is approximately 50% less accurate. Consider how this may affect work in healthcare facilities, in emergency departments and in operating rooms, where the average sound level often exceeds 70 decibels.

keyboard_arrow_upDrywall construction used in Africa’s biggest museum
keyboard_arrow_downDrywall construction used in Africa’s biggest museum

In a building project that took three and a half years and R500 million to construct, Cape Town’s iconic 1921 skyline Grain Silo was transformed into a much talked-about space that now hosts the most extensive collection of contemporary art from the African continent. Crucial to the redevelopment of this heritage site into the recently […]

keyboard_arrow_upHow savvy product choice raised construction standards for the Silo Hotel
keyboard_arrow_downHow savvy product choice raised construction standards for the Silo Hotel

Setting a new standard for luxury hotel accommodation, the new Silo Hotel sits above the recently opened Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA), occupying six floors in the museum’s grain elevator area.

keyboard_arrow_upArmstrong Ceilings pioneers EPDs
keyboard_arrow_downArmstrong Ceilings pioneers EPDs

Armstrong World Industries has become the first ceiling systems manufacturer in South Africa to win Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its mineral tiles under the Global GreenTag® EPD programme.

keyboard_arrow_upSaint-Gobain Gyproc leading the way with a mobile demonstration station
keyboard_arrow_downSaint-Gobain Gyproc leading the way with a mobile demonstration station

With the growing need to facilitate onsite training and increase accessibility and technical support to the Saint-Gobain Gyproc product portfolio, the Gyproc technical team has conceptualised and developed a mobile wall and ceiling demonstration trailer.

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal projects showcase 2015
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal projects showcase 2015

Armstrong Ceiling’s coffee table-styled brochure takes specifiers such as architects and interior designers on an epic journey through some of the most innovative, intelligent and stunning ceiling solutions available for their new-build and renovation design challenges in South Africa.

keyboard_arrow_upCeiling tiles on the first step to GreenTag certification
keyboard_arrow_downCeiling tiles on the first step to GreenTag certification

Armstrong Ceilings in South Africa is close to achieving the ‘world’s best green product certification’ by winning GreenTag GreenRate status for two of its mineral tiles.

keyboard_arrow_upAdd a touch of style and elegance to your ceilings with RhinoArt
keyboard_arrow_downAdd a touch of style and elegance to your ceilings with RhinoArt

Saint-Gobain Gyproc has launched a range of lightweight durable polystyrene mouldings to meet the ever-growing popularity of decorative cornices, with 5 ranges and 10 profiles from which to select.

keyboard_arrow_upA gypsum board that cleans the air
keyboard_arrow_downA gypsum board that cleans the air

Saint-Gobain Gyproc has launched Activ’ Air, a revolutionary plasterboard that actively improves indoor air quality. It removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air and keeps them out, providing for a healthier living, learning or working environment.

keyboard_arrow_upSaint-Gobain Gyproc saving energy one house at a time
keyboard_arrow_downSaint-Gobain Gyproc saving energy one house at a time

Saint-Gobain Gyproc is committed to manufacturing products that contribute to the reduction of energy usage in homes and address the need to combat South Africa’s mounting energy crisis, as detailed in the recently published legislation.  Gyproc uses mainly natural materials in the manufacturing of its products and recycled materials in its production processes. As a company Saint-Gobain saves more energy per year than it uses to produce its products. 

keyboard_arrow_upAll-glass sliding walls
keyboard_arrow_downAll-glass sliding walls

The optimised manual sliding wall (MSW) system from Geze offers designers flexible functionality in transparent partitioning that can be adapted for use in a wide range of applications.  The all-glass sliding wall system provides for spaces to be separated and connected – both visually and physically. It is an ideal partitioning solution for use in airports, stations, banks and government buildings as well as hotels, restaurants and offices, especially for waiting areas. 

keyboard_arrow_upPartitions for active operational spaces
keyboard_arrow_downPartitions for active operational spaces

Pan African Shopfitters, an industry leader in customised shopfittings for major national and international retail outlets, has installed Apex general purpose strip curtains in its paint shop to prevent dust entering the area from the adjacent joinery shop.  About 60 linear metres of clear PVC strip curtaining was supplied for the installation and Pan African Shopfitters’ purchasing manager, Kim Tiley, says it is performing exactly as required: completely sealing off the paint shop to prevent any possibility of dust ingress, while still allowing easy passage for personnel and work pieces. 

keyboard_arrow_upHigh impact resistant partitioning
keyboard_arrow_downHigh impact resistant partitioning

Saint-Gobain Gyproc has announced the introduction of a new high impact resistance plasterboard walling system to its product portfolio in South Africa. Two versions of the Gypwall DuraLine system will be available locally, from July 2012.  GypWall DuraLine has a higher density core than the Gypwall Classic system, consisting of an aerated gypsum core with glass fibre and other proprietary additives. It is suitable for drylining internal spaces, offering a high-impact-resistant walling system for use where more durable structures are needed. It provides a lightweight, cost-effective, non-load bearing walling, ideal for high circulation areas such as corridors and stairwells in healthcare, education and commercial buildings. 

keyboard_arrow_upPelican Systems back in business
keyboard_arrow_downPelican Systems back in business

Pelican Systems is back in business as an independent operation. Following the recent settlement of a protracted legal battle between Pelican Systems and Lafarge Gypsum SA, former joint venture partners, as from 1 March 2012, Pelican Systems is once again 100% owned by founder Rodney Gould and the Gould family through the Pelican Group. Pelican Systems is a leading supplier of interior building systems in KwaZulu-Natal. Over more than 30 years it has built up a reputation for delivering quality products and services to the market it serves. The company has sourced new supply lines and now has control of its Jumbo brand of plasterboards as well as a number of new exclusive brands which have enabled it to regain its competitive edge in the market.

keyboard_arrow_upNew products lined up for 2012
keyboard_arrow_downNew products lined up for 2012

Gyproc, a Saint-Gobain company and a leader in the manufacture of lightweight building systems and materials, recently announced the launch of new formulations for the popular Gyproc RhinoBed and RhinoGlide products. These are the first in the company’s line-up of 12 new products planned for 2012.  Gyproc RhinoGlide is designed as a filler for Gyproc plasterboard systems. It can also be used as an interior crack filler and for filling rough plaster surfaces before painting.  Gyproc RhinoBed is a setting adhesive for detailed finishing and fixing. It can also be used as a joint filler for Gyproc RhinoCove and in Gyproc Drylining applications.

keyboard_arrow_upWaterproofing and insulation in one
keyboard_arrow_downWaterproofing and insulation in one

abeproof thermo-shield, a new heat-shielding and waterproofing product from a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, was used recently to waterproof a large roof area of the Sunbel building in Voortrekker Road, Bellville, Cape Town.  abeproof thermo-shield is a water-based waterproofing membrane which incorporates advanced insulation technology. It contains fine spherical particles that minimise the surface temperature on roofs and walls by re-emitting most of the radiant heat energy away from the building before it can reach the interior. As a result, internal temperatures are kept low and the energy costs required to cool the building are reduced.

keyboard_arrow_upEfficient, eco-friendly LED technology – the future of green lighting
keyboard_arrow_downEfficient, eco-friendly LED technology – the future of green lighting

Improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption is a growing concern in South Africa, driven not only by dramatically increased utility costs but also by a global trend towards environmental consciousness. Lighting is one area that consumes a large amount of electricity. Compact fluorescent light bulbs have become increasingly popular because they offer improved energy efficiency. However, due to environmental concerns around these lamps, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps are beginning to come to the fore as the most eco-friendly, energy efficient solution for lighting. Lighting is undeniably an area for improvement when it comes to optimising energy consumption, as up to 50% of industrial and 25% of home power usage can be attributed to this. As a result, one of the easiest ways to lessen energy consumption and reduce carbon footprints, both in homes and commercial spaces, is to switch out standard light bulbs for more efficient, lower consumption lamps.

keyboard_arrow_upLightweight systems to mould interior spaces
keyboard_arrow_downLightweight systems to mould interior spaces

Interiors have always been seen as the canvas for the décor and design of a space – and the canvas for a décor scheme needs to be as functionally superior as possible to create the best interiors solution.  GypWall walling systems from Saint-Gobain Gyproc are the market leaders in lightweight construction solutions, offering superior acoustic and thermal performance and versatile enough to use in any area of the home or office, including in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. The systems offer great scope for architectural interest as the boards can be carefully curved or meticulously crafted to create niche walls or other visually appealing features.

keyboard_arrow_up400 000 CFLs for metro municipality
keyboard_arrow_down400 000 CFLs for metro municipality

 Actom Electrical Products, the Actom group’s electrical equipment wholesaler, landed its biggest ever order for lamps recently when Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (NMBM) awarded it the contract to supply 400 000 spiral compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for distribution to householders in the municipality.

keyboard_arrow_upStyle and functionality in switches and sockets
keyboard_arrow_downStyle and functionality in switches and sockets

The new range of Arteor electrical switches, controls and related wiring devices available from Legrand South Africa combines stylish design and leading-edge technology to support flexibility in commercial and residential environments. Arteor meets the requirements of the most basic electrical functions as well as complicated automation tasks. The range is compatible with local and international socket and flush-mounting box standards and offers a wide choice of design options and finishes for different environments. This means that users can mix and match the designs and finishes for various control functions. Another advantage is that these combinations can be changed easily to suit changing requirements.

keyboard_arrow_upToilet partitions combining two types of steel
keyboard_arrow_downToilet partitions combining two types of steel

A combination of vitreous enamelled steel and ‘rigidised’ stainless steel was used for the Vitraflex toilet cubicles supplied by Vitrex for the Vodacom Techno Centre in Bellville, Cape Town. Amanda Ellis, managing member of Façade Projects in Cape Town – Vitrex distributor in the Western Cape – says the contract follows an original Vitraflex installation of 50 cubicles at the Vodacom Techo Centre 12 years ago.

keyboard_arrow_upCeilings deliver thermal and acoustic benefits
keyboard_arrow_downCeilings deliver thermal and acoustic benefits

Ceilings have long been more important than simply providing an aesthetic barrier between a room and the mechanics of a roof. In addition to their aesthetic value – which can achieve the architecturally striking or simply protect from dust – ceilings provide thermal and acoustic protection, contributing significantly to the comfort of the interior environment.

keyboard_arrow_upMaking room for storage
keyboard_arrow_downMaking room for storage

As a result of rising building costs, storage space has generally become a very low priority in design. However, the attic or loft space above the ceiling offers an ideal place to store all those items that are not frequently used, provided it is accessible.