keyboard_arrow_upEffective smoke control solutions for these Cape Town car dealerships
keyboard_arrow_downEffective smoke control solutions for these Cape Town car dealerships

SE Controls Africa was specified by Sparq Consulting to provide the range of actuators and control solutions for the smoke control systems used at JLR Constantiaberg and William Simpson car dealerships in Tokai, Cape Town.

keyboard_arrow_upPremium home automation development partnership programme for architects
keyboard_arrow_downPremium home automation development partnership programme for architects

Homemation and Control4 South Africa aspire to become the preferred automation and audio-visual consultants by partnering with architectural firms.

keyboard_arrow_upControl your home with your smartphone
keyboard_arrow_downControl your home with your smartphone

Excellumax provides very cost effective home automation solutions by adding a thin layer of innovative technology on top of your existing building installation that can also easily be reverted to the conventional operation.

keyboard_arrow_upDoor communication with aspirations
keyboard_arrow_downDoor communication with aspirations

JUNG and Siedle are offering electrical installations ranging from switch systems, suitable indoor stations and building automation with KNX through to the entire Siedle door communication range. These include apps, the Scope mobile video communication station and system extensions such as letterboxes, access control and lighting.

keyboard_arrow_upHi-tech automation – pure audio and video brilliance
keyboard_arrow_downHi-tech automation – pure audio and video brilliance

Automation is a system installed into your home, either during the building stages, or retrofitted after the time. The system serves to control the electronic components of the home, from within, or remotely. From basic systems that can switch on lights and security features, to more advanced systems that can be tailored to your unique […]

keyboard_arrow_upUSD95 million Kumasi City Mall, Ghana, opened on 20 April 2017
keyboard_arrow_downUSD95 million Kumasi City Mall, Ghana, opened on 20 April 2017

The new Kumasi City Mall in Ghana’s city of Kumasi opened on 20 April 2017. It is property developer and investor Atterbury’s fourth successful retail development in Ghana.

keyboard_arrow_upA switch range for all seasons
keyboard_arrow_downA switch range for all seasons

Legrand’s Arteor range, which encompasses simple switches, to the most advanced home automation systems, includes fan controllers, thermostats, electric roller blinds and shutter controllers, as well as curtain switches.

keyboard_arrow_upIt’s all under control with the RTi KX7 in-wall touch-panel.
keyboard_arrow_downIt’s all under control with the RTi KX7 in-wall touch-panel.

Distributed by HFX Systems, the new RTi KX7 in-wall touch-panel provides complete control of entertainment, environment and security systems in any residential or commercial installation.

keyboard_arrow_upA green revolution in doors
keyboard_arrow_downA green revolution in doors

According to Craig Sacks, of Turnstar, revolving doors reduce a building’s carbon footprint, regulate temperature and provide easy access to a building.

keyboard_arrow_upVinyl flooring works for Livingstone Hospital
keyboard_arrow_downVinyl flooring works for Livingstone Hospital

The new Accident & Emergency unit at Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth replaced the existing Casualty unit at the hospital. It was designed and built when, as a host city for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, Port Elizabeth was required to have an Accident & Emergency (A&E) unit to meet specific standards for the tournament. 

keyboard_arrow_upAdvancing leak detection in buildings
keyboard_arrow_downAdvancing leak detection in buildings

In many buildings that have been refurbished over time or where extensions have been added, new plumbing solutions are often introduced – and this usually also means additions or complex reroutes to installed lines that were approved in the original plans. When it comes to leak detection, contractors may well be challenged to find the leak amid a confusing array of new lines and unused pipes and cabling.  However, according to SA Leak Detection Distributors, with advanced technology detecting leaks or locating lines need no longer be complex problems for trained contractors. 

keyboard_arrow_upAdvanced training in colour design
keyboard_arrow_downAdvanced training in colour design

The NCS Colour Centre, the South African agency for the international Natural Color System®, has introduced a new one-day training course in Advanced Colour Design. This builds on the Basic NCS Use of Colour in Architecture course. It looks in-depth at the use of colour in design and architecture, the interaction of colours and how designers work with colour design. It addresses colour groups and colour combinations for interior and exterior use.  The Advanced Colour Design course has been assessed by the South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID) and validated as a Category 1 CPD (continuing professional development) activity carrying 2 CPD credits. 

keyboard_arrow_upAdvanced automation for hotel comfort
keyboard_arrow_downAdvanced automation for hotel comfort

The new range of Arteor electrical systems and fittings from Legrand includes technologically advanced options designed especially for the hotel environment. National sales manager for Legrand SA, Timothy Mountjoy, says, “These systems are designed for the comfort and convenience of guests – in communal areas of the establishment and in each hotel room.

keyboard_arrow_upFuture-ready homes
keyboard_arrow_downFuture-ready homes

CEDIA is the abbreviation for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. CEDIA is the international trade organization for the home electronic system industry. CEDIA members specialise in the planning, design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home. They can install anything from multiroom audio and home cinema to complete home networks and sub-systems that intelligently control lighting, security, HVAC, and even garden facilities, from lighting to watering.

keyboard_arrow_upIntegrated home automation systems
keyboard_arrow_downIntegrated home automation systems

The new Arteor range of wiring devices from Legrand extends from simple switches to advanced integrated home automation systems. Timothy Mountjoy, national sales manager at Legrand, says, “Although these standalone devices and home automation control functions have a similar design, Arteor home automation devices provide even more technological features for modern living.

keyboard_arrow_upAutomated lighting made easy
keyboard_arrow_downAutomated lighting made easy

Simple Switch from Radiant Lighting and Electrical is designed to replace the traditional light switch, offering easy and affordable automated lighting control in the home or office. Valerie Poyurs, director of marketing at Radiant, says, “By connecting a Simple Switch receiver to any light circuit you now have the ability, at the touch of a button, to control that circuit from anywhere in your home or office with a wireless handheld remote. The wireless Simple Switch plates can be placed wherever is convenient and the buttons linked to control one or as many lights as required.”

keyboard_arrow_upSolar power on the move
keyboard_arrow_downSolar power on the move

Wintec Solutions supplies the innovative solargorilla and solarmonkey portable solar panels  which provide users with a mobile, photovoltaic power source – ideal for people working on remote construction sites, or sites that are not connected to the electrical grid. Both compact kits, the solargorilla can be used to power notebook computers and most handheld technology devices while the smaller solarmonkey is designed primarily to recharge cellphones.

keyboard_arrow_upThe magic of the movies at home or office
keyboard_arrow_downThe magic of the movies at home or office

Founded in 1998, Artcoustic is world renowned for its range of high performance, wall mounted speakers that feature interchangeable screens – with a wide selection of fabrics and decorative prints to suit almost any interior. The Artcoustic product range has received numerous awards for its groundbreaking designs and it is sold worldwide.

keyboard_arrow_upRaising the standard in home automation
keyboard_arrow_downRaising the standard in home automation

At the same time as we are faced with the heightened awareness of our own responsibilities regarding our impact on the environment, technology has surged forward in every area of life, creating a greater reliance on gadgets like HDTV and iPhones. Some people and organisations are harnessing digital technology as a means to minimise their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint through intelligent building management, sometimes referred to as ‘home automation’. In this effort KNX  leads the way.