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Stop COVID-19 at the door

COVID-19 Products

Boomgate Systems specialised engineers in access control, high-security and anti-terror security products, now offer COVID-19 solutions.

BGS003-00-00_Sanitizter Spay Booth.8

To disinfect and sanitise people effectively from harmful and contagious viruses, bacteria and fungi, Boomgate recommends the Walk Through Sanitisation Booth. Optional extras include forehead temperature detection and facial recognition terminal. The walkthrough booth can be used for disinfecting parcels and stock entering the warehouse or dispatched from distribution centres. Disinfect shopping trolleys and baskets at retail shops for preventative safety. The booth is designed for interior and exterior use and is wheelchair friendly.

hands free hands feet sanitizer turnstile

The mantrap sanitising turnstile sanitises hands and feet at entry. The added safety feature is that the turnstile will only turn when it positively identifies the user. The access control products can be integrated into existing systems for even more ease and speed.

The hands-free sanitiser dispenser with a foot pedal or automated in low-cost mild steel or stainless steel is convenient for retailers, travel stations and workspaces. The wall mount hand sanitiser can be operated using the elbow pump and available with a 550ml hand sanitiser gel or spray. Another hands-free option is the foot handle that opens doors with a step latch. Ideal for offices, factories and healthcare facilities.

hand sanitiser pedastal 3 units silver, white and black


Sneeze screens protect staff and customers from spreading the virus when sneezing and coughing. Available in various sizes free-standing or hung from the ceiling. The counter safety screen is custom made goods cubicle manufactured to customer specifications.

counter sneeze screens

Use the social distance entrance mat to effectively remove dirt, oils, grease and moisture. Manufactured using polypropylene walk-off carpet surface bonded to a recycled rubber base. The mats are UV resistant, colourfast, abrasive and hard-wearing. Supplied with tapered ramp edging loose lay applications.

The shoe-sani mat set of two is a step on the anti-bacterial absorbent mat with built-in sump for anti-bacterial / anti-viral liquid. The second mat is a poly fibre mat to dry shoes. All mats are manufactured using a solid recycled rubber base and supplied with a FREE 5L Sani Liquid Gel.

Prevent the spread and keep people safe with theses access control solutions.

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COVID-19 Product Range

COVID-19 Products

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