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Louvre awnings - all you need to know

Awning Warehouse / Reboss Awnings aluminium Louvre awnings are custom-made to suit your needs, adding practicality and aesthetic value to your home or business. The winter sun is directed into your home effortlessly with a turn of a handle and equally the harsh summer sun is controlled for maximum comfort. So whether you want to deflect heat, reflect light or protect your outdoor furniture from the rain, Awning Warehouse will install the finest adjustable aluminium louvre awnings quickly and easily.

adjustable aluminum louvre awning for a family home with a pool


Because of the products adaptability and high quality, a louvred awning adds to your outdoor relaxing space. Furthermore, truly transforms the way you experience the outdoors. With a louvred roof, you will have a solution for a beautiful space.

You will expand your indoors to your outdoors and naturally spend longer hours outside.

adjustable aluminum louvre awning OVER DECK


There is no better way to enjoy outdoor deck entertaining than with an adjustable aluminium louvre roof awning. Designed to international standards, a louvre roof ensures sunshine or shade when most needed. It also helps to buffer strong winds and protect from the rain.

Transform your outdoor living space with the turn of a handle that will adjust the louvres and direct the winter sun onto the deck or, during hot summer days, block out the harsh rays of the sun. By deflecting heat or reflecting available light, an aluminium louvre roof will protect outdoor furniture from all the elements.

By adjusting the aluminium louvres, airflow and light are controlled with the turn of a handle. The roof deck adjustable louvres are equipped with electric motors for automatic operation, or with a stainless steel and brass gearbox for ease of manual operation.

Attached to a wall, the structure is supported by poles. The adjustable aluminium louvre roof awning is manufactured from enamel-baked aluminium, ensuring maintenance-free durability. These louvre deck awnings are guaranteed not to chip, peel or rust. They also have a moulded gutter, giving the façade a clean, neat and modern finish.

Whether you are looking for an adjustable aluminium louvre roof for your deck or any other awnings in Johannesburg, or any other city in South Africa, you will be making an investment in your property that will remain aesthetically appealing feature for many years to come.

adjustable louvre awnings with glass sideview


Each council has their own set of rules regarding Louvre awnings. Generally, louvre awnings are regarded as an awning structure and do not require plans to be submitted. If one lives in a complex some body corporates require planning permission. It is best to check with your local council/body corporate. If Plans are required Awning warehouse can assist with this process.

Louvre awnings fall into the category of an awning structure. The framework is attached to the building, with the structure resting on mounted poles. Awnings are manufactured from aluminium louvres that can be opened and shut automatically or manually, depending on the option chosen.  The louvre roof allows for the control of airflow, as well as for sun filtration and shade.

An increasing number of residential and commercial property owners are opting for louvre awnings to extend outdoor entertainment areas. They are ideal for decks, patios, pool surrounds, restaurants and pubs.


With proper care and maintenance, aluminium louvre awnings will last you a very long time. Louvre awnings are guaranteed for five years but, in truth, their service record far exceeds that number of years.

Commercial enterprises opt for sun louvres that can clad the entire exterior of a building, reducing air-conditioning loads without impeding fresh airflow. These aesthetically appealing screens are manufactured in South Africa to meet international standards. They are available in a wide range of colours, with bold or light profiles and in varying lengths to suit all architectural styles.

Cleaning and maintenance are made simple. All that is required is a regular wash down with clean water or, in the case of dirt build-up, with warm soapy water.

Awning Warehouse manufacture and install all types of louvre awnings and guarantee the workmanship of their high-quality products.

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