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Operational and public effects of fats, oils and grease

Operations from small restaurants to large scale food processing plants disposing fats, oils and grease (FOGs) into public wastewater drainage systems are becoming an increasing concern to the industry, government and environmental agencies.
Wastewater travels a long distance from its original source to the wastewater treatment facilities. During this time large amounts of grease and food wastes build up in the drainage pipe systems leading to operational and public effects:
KESSEL grease separators for removal of greases and oils form plant or animal origin

Operational effects

One of the most severe drainage problems in food processing facilities is the build-up of grease layers within the drainage system leading to negative effects, such as increased odour emissions, reduced efficiency of the drainage system, additional maintenance costs, pipe blockage or even potential flooding.
KESSEL grease separator systems from EuroDrain Technology

Public effects

FOGs also affect public wastewater streams by causing sewer blockage and reducing the efficiency of public sewage plants. This leads to additional costs for maintenance and repair.

When to use a grease separator?

KESSEL grease separators for greases or oil in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, catering, hospitals and hotels
Grease separators should be installed in all locations where greases and oils from plant or animal origin are required to be removed from the waste-water stream. This applies to commercial and industrial applications, for example:
  • Butchers, meat and sausage factories
  • Pre-prepared meal production
  • Slaughterhouses and meat preparation facilities
  • Soap/stearin production plants
  • Restaurants and fast food shops
  • Fish production facilities
  • Cooking oil refineries, butter/margarine production
  • Frying facilities/nut roasting factories
  • Cafeterias in commercial buildings, hospitals, universities, military bases and government agencies

KESSEL Polyethylene Grease Separators

KESSEL grease separators EasyClean

Separators – for a clean environment

Water is one of our most precious resources and is not available in unlimited quantities. It is not always possible to avoid soiling within the context of numerous areas of application such as kitchens or vehicle refuelling, for example. For this reason, polluted wastewater must be pretreated and cleaned with the aid of appropriate separator systems before it is discharged to the public sewer system.

KESSEL offers a wide range of innovative plastic separators for different areas of application and wastewater quantities.

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