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Are GREEN schools the future?

GREEN schools offer a unique opportunity to address environmental issues. Greening schools are cost-effective, enhances student learning and reduces health and operational costs.

installing eco-insulation cellulose recycled newspaper

FUTURE PROOFED buildings provide a higher rate of return on investment. promote wellness, healing and productivity.

According to insulation installer, Richard Ellis, the Durbanville Preparatory School is a typical example of many public infrastructure buildings in South Africa. Originally built during times of cheap power supply, scant attention to thermal/energy-efficient building under tight construction budgets.

“Solving the school’s problem of excessive and expensive electricity consumption of air conditioners. Our Eco-Insulation ceiling insulation was installed under the roof of the school. This was the first green solution the school implemented. Public schools need to be empowered to be able to install green initiatives to reduce operating costs.” says Ellis.

Eco-Insulation is suited to working in public buildings, the benefits:

  • Minimum disruption – a pneumatic hose is fed through the roof tiles. The installer gets to grips with pumping eco-friendly recycled cellulose into the hole in the roof. The product spreads out in the ceiling with minimal human intervention. It rapidly fills every nook and cranny.
  • Convenient – An important part of Eco-Insulation’s quote is the removal and approved disposal of any existing non-functioning insulation product from the roof space. Eco-Insulation has an approved method of removing and disposal of skin-unfriendly glass fibre material, which traditionally presents a huge headache for property owners due to the fact that many established municipal waste facilities will not accept this type of builders’ waste.”A turnkey service in all sense of the word,” says Richard Ellis, general manager of Eco-Insulation and principal installer in the Cape Town area. “And it’s SABS – approved !”

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