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Danpal roofing system: Optimal solution for all weather conditions

Awning Warehouse is the official supplier and installer of Danpal products. The Danpal roofing system stands out as an engineering marvel, seamlessly combining functionality with visual appeal to provide robust protection against various weather conditions. Its exceptional durability makes it an optimal choice for regions prone to extreme weather events.

Polycarbonate roofing

Polycarbonate roofing: Durable and flat

The core strength of the Danpal roofing system lies in its innovative snap-on dry-glazed connectors, available in both polycarbonate and aluminium profiles. These connectors not only ensure easy and swift installation but also enhance the system’s resistance to impacts, guaranteeing long-term performance.

Unrivalled snap-on dry-glazed connectors

At the heart of the Danpal roofing system are its unique snap-on dry-glazed connectors. These connectors, offered in polycarbonate or aluminium profiles, provide unmatched engineering flexibility and design adaptability. They facilitate rapid installation, cutting down on labour costs and construction time. Moreover, these connectors significantly enhance the system’s impact resistance, ensuring durability and sustained functionality.

Standout features of the Danpal roofing system

The Danpal roofing system boasts several distinctive features that distinguish it from traditional roofing solutions. It offers superior light diffusion and visual appeal, thanks to its unique structural design. The precise spacing between the ribs of the roofing panels ensures a superior quality of light, creating a visually pleasing interior atmosphere.

Regarding thermal performance, the Danpal roofing system excels. The panels’ unique cell structure delivers exceptional thermal insulation, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment while promoting energy efficiency. This feature translates to substantial savings on heating and cooling expenses.

Exceptional light, thermal performance and aesthetic appeal

Crafted with a unique structure, the roofing panels of the Danpal system allow for unparalleled light diffusion and visual appeal. The narrow spacing between the ribs produces a high-quality, diffused light, reducing glare and providing uniform light distribution, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing environment compared to conventional roofing systems.

Additionally, the panels’ innovative cell structure enhances not only light diffusion but also thermal insulation. By minimising heat transfer, this feature significantly improves the building’s energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and costs.


In conclusion, the Danpal roofing system offers a perfect blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. Its high impact resistance, superior light diffusion, excellent thermal performance, and 100% leak-proof guarantee make it an invaluable investment for any construction project. With the added advantage of co-extruded UV protection for prolonged longevity, the Danpal roofing system emerges as the ultimate choice in roofing solutions, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal.

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