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Lonehill shopping centre parking deck

Sika products to the rescue. Waterproofing and repair to the cement parking area.

The parking spaces at shopping centres go through daily wear and tear. These structures are made to ‘weather the storm’. Provided you have the right products and technical support on hand.

lonehill roof parking concrete flooring weatherproof sika project

In Sandton, Gauteng, the Lonehill Shopping Centre parking deck required weatherproofing. It was in need of a floor coating designed for challenging high traffic environments.

In August 2019 the contractor, Multi Contracts Specialists (MCS) and specifier Imbue Sustainability decided on the Sika range.

A wide range of Sika products

Sikafloor -161 is an epoxy used for priming the concrete and cement screed surface – and was applied prior to the application of epoxy mortar screeds, epoxy self-levelling floor toppings and epoxy overlays.

Sikadur– 43ZA, a three-component repair and filling mortar, was used for isolated repairs and constructing of chamfers/ramps where level differences were created due to the removal of the Asphalt from the existing parking deck.

Sikadur-31DW was then used as a general repair product to fill blow holes), as well as crack and surface sealing. Sikadur-31DW was also used in conjunction with Sikadur-Combiflex, which is a joint sealing system.

Sikasil-728 NS, a silicone sealant product ideal for this sort of project, was used to seal joints on areas of high movement. The final weatherproofing of the deck was completed with a highly durable, abrasive-resistant, liquid-applied polyurea, called Sikalastic-8800. Spray application and dry within 12 hours. The perfect exterior coating in regions with regular summer thunderstorms.

The project challenges

The execution of the project proved more complicated than expected and client-contractor-supplier communication was critical to stay on track. For one, the substrate was much weaker than anticipated, which resulted in cost escalation and extension of the program.

The project was carried out over the rainy season, leaving limited time to complete the work. The centre had to stay open for business so extra safety precautions had to be taken.

From consultancy, testing, tender phase to completion done in six months. The actual work completed in two and a half months. The builders break, only for unforeseen rain. Total removal of the existing asphalt surface ing surface and tenants requiring access for deliveries to take place.

The project was completed in January 2020. Jaun Roe van Wyk, the Technical Sales Representative from Sika who managed this project, stated that Imbue Sustainability commended Sika SA and MCS on the efficiency and professionalism in which the project was handled. He added that both companies would be recommended for future projects.

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