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Sikadur-31 DW

Sikadur®-31 DW is a thixotropic, two part adhesive and repair mortar, based on epoxy resins and special fillers which has been specially formulated to meet the requirements for use in contact with drinking water.

Sikadur-31 DW 15lt Kit

As a structural adhesive for the following substrates:

  • Concrete
  • Hard natural stone
  • Ceramics, fibre cement
  • Mortar, bricks
  • Steel, iron, aluminium
  • Wood
  • Polyester, epoxy
  • Glass
  • As the adhesive with drinking water approvals for the Sikadur®-Combiflex® system

As a structural adhesive for precast concrete segments including:

  • Columns, beams etc.
  • Kerbs and edging stones, copings etc.
Rapid curing concrete repairs:
  • Corners and edges
  • Hole and void filling
  • Joint arrises
Joint filling and crack sealing:
  • Rigid joint filling
  • Crack filling and sealing (non moving)

Sikadur®-31 DW provides the following advantages:

  • Can be used in drinking water areas
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Suitable for dry and damp concrete surfaces
  • Very good adhesion to most of the construction materials
  • Thixotropic: non-sag and suitable for vertical and overhead application
  • Hardens without shrinkage
  • Different coloured components (for mixing control)
  • No primer needed
  • High initial and ultimate strengths
  • Good abrasion resistance
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