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Decorative Concrete

CreteCote | Cemcrete | Thin Skim-On Floor Coating

CreteCote is a thin skim-on floor coating. A coloured, thin-film cement-based floor covering which is versatile and durable. It is a two coat system which produces a 1.6mm smooth decorative finish ideal for internal domestic renovations. Comes complete with powder and catalyst as a twin pack.

DecoCrete | Cemcrete | Shapeable textured plaster

DecoCrete Shapeable textured plaster. A coloured, cement-based material formulated to be plastered to excessive thicknesses but does not slide or shrink and dries rock-hard. A textured shaping system for the creation of artistic finishes, such as rock features, imitation brick walls and pool copings.

CreteStain walls | Cemcrete | Acid-based cement / concrete stain

CreteStain Wall Finish – An acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which reacts with the OPC in cement/concrete and permanently colours the surface.

Concrete Primer | Cemcrete | Modified Latex Liquid Cement Primer

Concrete primer is a modified latex liquid primer for concrete floors. To be used on wood floated (rough) and porous surfaces, ensuring a good bond onto the substrate. Dense, impervious surfaces should be ground to expose the surface pores and to create a relatively flat and level surface.

EIFS Basecoat | Cemcrete | Coating to Level or Repair Vertical Surfaces

EIFS BaseCoat is a special mixture of various admixtures and Ordinary Portland Cement for repair of concrete and masonry, adhering and surfacing of EIFS Insulation boards prior to applying Cemcrete’s decorative coatings.

TexCrete | Cemcrete | Fibre-cement casting mix

TexCrete is a fibre-cement casting mix A thixotropic, quick setting, enhanced fibre-cement blend. Mixed with a solution of FlexBond for the saturation and impregnation of CemForce to form a reinforced product that can be cast into latex or silicone moulds. Produces castings of about 4 to 8 mm in thickness.

FiniSafe | Concrete finishing aid

Chryso FiniSafe concrete finishing aid lubricates concrete surface for a faster, easier and better finish. Extends workability of concrete surface.

LuminTech Glow in the dark concrete

LuminTech is a glow in the dark concrete that comprises of a variety of different luminescent particles that are applied into the concrete skin.

Decorative Concrete Solutions

Decorative Concrete Solutions This brochure presents a range of solutions developed by CHRYSO in order to showcase for the decorative potential of concrete. Fashionable and versatile, concrete creates unique natural atmospheres. Used primarily for mechanical properties, it is also a material of choice for its aesthetic qualities. A comprehensive range of solutions for new projects or renovations, for residential, tertiary, or urban developments.

DecoCrete Datasheet | Cemcrete

DecoCrete Datasheet A coloured, cement-based material specifically formulated to be plastered to excessive thicknesses but does not slide or shrink and dries rock-hard. Slow setting gives plenty of time to work and manipulate the material in-situ.

X-Tech CrystalClear Solvent free clear coating, sealer and binder

TAL X-Tech CrystalClear is a clear high performance, solvent free, epoxy coating/sealer and is also suitable for use as a binder and sealer for decorative floor systems.

CEM-Blanc White Portland Cement

abe® CEM-blanc is a general purpose white Portland cement, specially manufactured to provide superior early strength with the added advantage of providing a wide range of aesthetic and decorative opportunities due to its key features of whiteness, high strength and durability. In addition to affording great design and colour versatility, abe® CEM-blanc complies fully with the requirements specified in SANS 50197-1 for type CEM II 42.SN cement.

X-Calibur® X-Tech SuperFlow

TAL’s  X-Tech SuperFlow is suitably designed for application onto concrete substrates. Allow all new concrete work and screeds to cure for at least 6 weeks and 4 weeks respectively before proceeding. The substrate must be structurally sound, clean and dry and free from all traces of surface laitance and contamination such as dust, dirt, waxes, oils, bitumen, old adhesives, paint, grease, weak cement screeds, shutter release and curing agents, sealing compounds, etc. All damaged, defective, deteriorated, friable (powdery) and hollow sounding areas must be removed until a solid background is achieved. These areas must be made good before proceeding.  The surface must be prepared, by captive blasting or grinding, to ensure that the aggregate in the concrete is fully exposed and open, ie to achieve a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 5 or 6 (Medium Scarification).

CHRYSO® | Decorative Concrete Solutions

Chryso Decorative Concrete Fashionable and versatile, concrete creates natural atmospheres. Used primarily for its mechanical properties, it is also a material of choice for its aesthetic qualities.

CemCote (Skimmed) Datasheet

CemCote Skimmed datasheet is a pigmented, thin film cement- based decorative wall covering which is versatile and durable. It is a two coat system which produces a 1.5mm smooth decorative finish suitable for application onto new plastered walls that have been sponge, wood or steel floated, or previously painted walls. It is ideal for internal and external domestic or commercial applications. CemCote can also be brush applied if a different finish is required. See CemCote (Brushed) datasheet.

X-Tech SuperFlow, General Use (For Interior Use Only)

TAL  x-tech superflow  general use and the method on how to apply it

X-Tech SuperFlow

X-Tech SuperFlow is a cement based self smoothing decorative screeding system which is supplied in a wide range of colours. It is shrinkage compensated and rapid setting. The system is designed to produce a hard wearing decorative floor surface suitable for residential and light commercial applications. It is suitable for interior applications only.

X-Tech StoneFlow Industrial grade rapid set self smoothing decorative screed

X-Tech StoneFlow is a cement based self smoothing heavy duty decorative industrial screeding system. It is shrinkage compensated and rapid setting. It is especially designed for use in industrial environments, on both new construction and renovation projects. It is designed for applications exposed to heavy traffic and abrasion, such as factories, warehouses and production areas. It is also suitable for commercial and residential applications.

X-Tech EpoxyAqua 100 High performance wall and floor coating for concrete

X-Tech EpoxyAqua 100 is a high performance, breathable epoxy wall and floor coating that is also decorative and suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

X-Tech DecoQuartz QB Durable and decorative epoxy floor system

X-Tech DecoQuartz QB is a combination of colored quartz aggregate and 100% solids liquid epoxy resin that when applied, forms a seamless, colorful, chemical resistant and long wearing floor.

X-Tech DecoQuartz TF Abrasion and chemical resistant decorative epoxy floor screed

X-Tech DecoQuartz TF is a three component, trowel applied 3 to 6mm thick epoxy floor screed that produces a non slip, abrasion and chemically resistant floor that is decorative in appearance. It is supplied with a clear epoxy resin and a wide range of colored quartz aggregates. By combining the various colors many individual color combinations can be produced.  A high temperature resin is available in area subject to temperature up to 110C.

X-Tech DecoQuartz TF, applied to concrete

TAL X-Tech DecoQuartz TF  installation guidelines. X-Calibur provides detailed method statements on all its products for use in various applications. These must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for guidance only.

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