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Wave goodbye to germs!

Keep employees safe by controlling office hygiene with door automation and touchless switches from Maxiflex.

wave in fron sensor supplied by maxiflex

Companies can protect the health of their employees by curtailing the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses like COVID-19 through automating their doors and installing touchless switches. With Maxiflex’s range of door automation systems and touchless activators, doors can be opened and closed without requiring any physical contact on door or door handle surfaces. In addition to highly effective hygiene control, these touchless systems, which are suitable for both standard pedestrian, industrial and high-speed doors, also facilitate seamless traffic flow.


“The implementation of level 2 lockdown in an effort to resuscitate the economy can accelerate the rate of COVID-19 infections as more businesses open up and more people return to work,” says Maxiflex Managing Director, Bram Janssen. “Companies are responsible for the health and safety of their employees within the workplace and must strictly adhere to a host of mandatory Government health regulations.”


door automation and touchless switches no more old ways


In addition to protective measures such as screening everyone who enters the premises including employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, etc., wearing of face masks, regular hand sanitising and maintaining social distancing, another very important hygiene protocol is regular cleaning and sanitising of work areas. “According to the World Health Organisation, eighty per cent of common infections are spread by hands so doors and door handles are therefore particularly high-risk areas for the spread of germs. These surfaces are constantly touched by hands, especially in heavy pedestrian traffic areas and restroom entrances and even regular cleaning and sanitising are not sufficient,” warns Bram.


Eliminating the need to touch these surfaces by automating manual door or installing activators is an extremely efficient way of preventing cross-contamination. Activators offer excellent options to tailor door control according to different applications and operational procedures. Maxiflex’s range of door touchless activators from the globally renowned ASSA ABLOY brand include induction loops, Photoelectric barriers, radar motion detectors, infrared detectors, laser scanners and magic switches. Induction loops, laid in the floor, only react to metal objects and are ideal for detecting moving and stationary vehicles. Photoelectric barriers and radar motion detectors are able to detect the movement of people and objects. With their high resistance to rain and other interferences, Radar motion detectors are extremely flexible high-performance activators.


The magic switch, also known as the touchless switch, offers an innovative clean and hygienic alternative to push buttons, pull switches and other manual actuators. This switch does not require any contact, reacting simply on hand movement to activate the automatic door with a touchless wave. The detection field can be set from 10 cm to 50 cm. Due to the radar technology, these switches can be installed behind any non-metallic surface.


pvc curtain for supermarkets and traffic control


Another highly effective hygiene control solution from Maxiflex is the company’s in-house manufactured automatic PVC sliding doors. Featuring a sleek design and smooth, quiet operation, these touchless, clear barriers ensure safe and efficient traffic flow and environmental control in a wide range of facilities, from industrial warehouses, distribution centres, factories and food processing plants to commercial buildings, laboratories and supermarkets.


The cost-effective automated PVC sliding doors are fabricated from high quality flexible and eco-friendly PVC sheeting that features a smooth surface that is non-absorbent, impervious, washable, non-toxic, scratch-resistant and easy to clean and disinfect. The PVC strip material can also be used to manufacture the sliding doors. Maxiflex PVC strips and sheeting material comply with European food grade regulations and are effective in ambient temperature ranging from -20°C to +50°.


Bram advises customers to service and maintain their automatic doors regularly to ensure that they remain in good functioning order for optimal performance. Irrespective of the type of business or industry, being COVID-19 smart and implementing preventative measures like door automation that allow employees to enter and exit areas without having to touch doors and door handles, will reduce the risk of infection, creating a safer work environment. May you all stay safe and healthy,” concludes Bram.

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