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#1 in industrial doors, loading dock equipment, impact doors and strip curtains. Offering the best quality products and service.

Maxiflex Door Systems is the sole distributor in South Africa for Albany high-performance doors, Crawford overhead sectional doors and loading dock equipment, and Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors. These well- known brands are all part of the global company ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

Locally manufactured products include Maxiflex strip curtains, and impact doors. Services include: – manufacturing, sales, installation, servicing and maintenance of all products.

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Maxiflex Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_upNew ASSA ABLOY OH1082P
Maxiflex Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_downNew ASSA ABLOY OH1082P

The new ASSA ABLOY OH1082P is a door that delivers big savings. With a U-value more than two times as effective as that of a standard overhead sectional door*, the new ASSA ABLOY OH1082P is guaranteed to increase your energy savings. So, whether you are paying to heat or cool your space, you can maintain its optimum indoor temperature.

Maxiflex Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY FD2050F | Entrance Systems
Maxiflex Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY FD2050F | Entrance Systems

The ASSA ABLOY FD2050F folding door is one of the most stable folding doors on the market. It is a folding door suitable for use in premises with high daylight admission demands, or buildings used for product exposure such as showrooms. The highly adaptable design makes it possible to install this door in almost every type of building

Maxiflex Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_upASSA ABLOY FD225OP Entrance Systems
Maxiflex Door Systems
keyboard_arrow_downASSA ABLOY FD225OP Entrance Systems

The new ASSA ABLOY FD2250P is a highly functional automated folding door designed to require minimal maintenance. As the doors slide open, lifting hinges mean that the door raises off the floor keeping wear and tear to a minimum. And the doors are always visible as they open and close so collision risk is greatly reduced.

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keyboard_arrow_upTaking it to the max with versatile door solutions for the distribution industry from Maxiflex
keyboard_arrow_downTaking it to the max with versatile door solutions for the distribution industry from Maxiflex

Maxiflex’s product portfolio for storage and loading dock applications includes docking equipment such as swing lip dock levellers and curtain dock shelters, load-houses, overhead sectional doors, high-speed door systems and PVC strip curtains.

keyboard_arrow_upStacking up the benefits!
keyboard_arrow_downStacking up the benefits!

Maxiflex introduces Stackdoor®, a completely unique and innovative certified security door solution that combines robustness, high safety specifications, efficiency and optimum security in a neat, compact and flexible package.

keyboard_arrow_upHigh-speed door solutions from Maxiflex are cool!
keyboard_arrow_downHigh-speed door solutions from Maxiflex are cool!

High-speed roll-up doors from Maxiflex are helping to maintain constant temperatures inside the cold storage and refrigeration areas of Makro Riversands and Makro Springfield located in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) respectively.


keyboard_arrow_upStackdoor Curved
keyboard_arrow_downStackdoor Curved

Very compact strong security fence. Round, in corners, to apply all shapes and lengths without intermediate arrows.

keyboard_arrow_upStackdoor Compact
keyboard_arrow_downStackdoor Compact

Very compact strong security fence. Even fits in cavity wall.

keyboard_arrow_upStackdoor Product- en bedrijfspresentatie
keyboard_arrow_downStackdoor Product- en bedrijfspresentatie

Through continuously innovation Stackdoor is the highest certified security grille recognized by insurers for facade and entrance. With the latest RC resistance class certificate (RC2/RC3) Stackdoor surpasses all other open security grilles. Hence Stackdoor security grille is applicable in circumstances where security level 4 and 5 is required.

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