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Step up your energy efficiency: Eco-Insulation installation made easy

Discover the benefits of blow-in insulation

When considering insulation for your home, the traditional image of fiberglass batts might spring to mind. However, for existing or older roof installations, fiberglass has its limitations. As a homeowner or contractor, exploring alternatives like blow-in insulation can significantly enhance your building’s insulation R-value.

Eco-Insulation installation in process.

What is blow-in insulation?

Blow-in insulation, also known as loose-fill insulation, involves filling roof cavities with loose material boasting a high insulating R-value. While various materials can be utilised, at Eco-Insulation, we exclusively use cellulose fibre.

The eco-friendly choice

Crafted from 100% recycled newspaper, cardboard, and wood-based materials, our blow-in cellulose is not only environmentally friendly but also boasts flame and mould resistance. Treated with boric acid and other substances, it’s packaged in tightly packed bales or bags for efficient installation.

Our unmatched service

At Eco-Insulation, we offer a comprehensive service; we supply and install the insulation ourselves. Our dedicated vehicles transport our product solution to the site, where our installation teams utilise specialised equipment to pneumatically pump the insulation into the ceiling cavity.

Swift and effective installation

Thanks to our streamlined process, installation is swift and efficient. Depending on your roofing type, installation is facilitated either through the trapdoor or roof access. In fact, a typical three-bedroom home can be fully insulated within three to four hours.

Ensure stability with cellulose fibre

Concerned about insulation shifting or settling? Rest assured, our cellulose fibre is engineered to remain stable within the roof cavity. Extensively tested and proven over two decades of installation experience, it guarantees lasting performance.

About us

At Eco-Insulation, we take pride in manufacturing, distributing, and installing eco-friendly, fire-safe, and non-toxic cellulose-fibre thermal ceiling insulation. Our solutions cater to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, aiding in energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Conclusion: Invest in Eco-Insulation today!

With Eco-Insulation, you’re not just enhancing your home’s comfort; you’re making an environmentally conscious choice. Say goodbye to inadequate insulation and hello to a more energy-efficient and comfortable living space. Contact us today to schedule a free assessment and embark on your journey towards a better-insulated home.

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