Cellulose Fibre Insulation

Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation is made in South Africa from recycled newsprint that has been milled to optimum density. Based on international standards and locally approvals, Eco-Insulation offers a hard to beat combination of R-Values with exceptional thermal performance and 100% coverage of the area being treated. There is a product specification for each of SA’s 6 Climatic Zones as designated by the South African National Standard relating to Buildings

Pneumatically pumped into the ceiling or dry wall/partition cavity by professional contractors, Eco-Insulation offers a sustainable, green solution to the client. It is an acclaimed energy efficient solution for the home, office or industrial building.

Eco-Insulation is a tested and field proven insulation product. Research on cellulose insulation has shown that air leakage through the walls and ceilings is reduced because cellulose has a better and natural ability to “tighten” the building by filling in small, hard-to-reach cavities and irregular surfaces. Eco-Insulation is machine blown and it offers a greater performance value than other fibrous insulations. Its higher density and perfect fit dramatically reduce air leakage and air convection, while significantly helping to reduce noise in the building (especially when used under a suspended wooden floor).

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