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Sika’s go-to spalling repair solution

North Grange in Mowbray, is one of UCT’s three-tier residence options, which accommodates 49 students in two- and three-bedroomed flats. The refurbishment was required on the outside of North Grange as in some areas the reinforcing was corroding, causing the concrete to crack and push away, thus exposing the steel. Most of the deterioration had occurred on the balconies of the weather-facing side of the building, requiring a spalling repair system to refurbish and patch up these affected areas.

North Grange in Mowbray

Paintsmiths Cape Town was asked to specify the products required for the refurbishment. Sticking with their previously unfailing ‘go-to’ spalling repair solution, they selected Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG and Sika Armatec®-110 EpoCem®. Based on new innovative technology, Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG differentiates itself as a 1-component, polymer-modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar, with Sika’s world-renowned Sika® FerroGard® corrosion inhibitor. Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG is a 3-in-1 advanced repair mortar, resulting in further time and money savings. Sika Armatec®-110 EpoCem® is a corrosion inhibitor, used as a bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection.

Sika representative Phillip Boshoff was approached by Gavin Horfley from Paintsmiths Cape Town (Midas), to assist with on-site training on the concrete repair job. Present at the Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG and Sika Armatec®-110 EpoCem® on-site training were Gavin from Paintsmiths, some managers from Elite along with their contractor staff doing the repair.

UCT’s three tier residence

To ensure the repair was done correctly, the reinforcing steel had to be adequately exposed and cleaned to SA 2.5. Then a coating of the Sika Armatec®-110 EpoCem® was applied, to provide a protective coating against further corrosion, and where necessary, to act as a bonding primer to the concrete substrate. This prior to the application of the patch repair mortar, Sika MonoTop®-412 NFG. Once the repair mortar had fully cured, the areas were painted with exterior decorative paint.

The results of the refurbishment were great and the building looked proud and new once complete.

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