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A walkover for Sikafloor Garage

Sikafloor Garage is a two part, water dispersed, coloured, epoxy resin based coating.

To repair and coat all the imperfections in the floors, Sikadur-43 ZA (20 kits) and Sikafloor Garage (Telegrey, 450x5l) were specified. Sikadur-43 ZA is a three-component repair and filling mortar based on a combination of epoxy resins and selected high strength aggregates while Sikafloor Garage is a two-part, water-dispersed, epoxy resin-based coating suitable for concrete, cement screeds, broadcast systems and epoxy mortars.

An extremely happy client was the outcome after Sika products were used in a challenging 5000m2 flooring project. The site was in Pretoria West where Build Mart, a busy hardware store forming part of the Kit Kat Group, required renovations to its shop floors. As a client for over ten years of Sika’s representative, Raj Naidoo, Build Mart had no hesitation in contacting him for a solution.

One challenging aspect of the project was that normal trading hours could not be interrupted. The only solution therefore was for contractors Mazoyo Group to apply the products at night in sections which were subsequently blocked off to prevent damage from foot traffic the following day. A further challenge was applying the products around the immovable shelving units. Once repairs were done with Sikadur-43 ZA, two coats of Sikafloor Garage were applied to the floors. Suitable for both dry and damp surfaces, Sikadur-43 ZA provides rapid, shrinkage-free hardening and high mechanical strength.

Sikaflor Garage is ideal for production areas, warehouses, car park decks, garages, etc

Environmentally friendly Sikafloor Garage conforms to multiple international standards including a USGBC LEED Rating. Designed for normal to medium-heavy loading, the product is water dilutable, odourless and easily applied. Sikafloor Garage provides good chemical and mechanical resistance and is water vapour permeable. After approximately twenty hours, at 20oC, foot traffic is permissible.

A follow-up inspection of the floors at Build Mart demonstrated a highly successful project and left the client so impressed with the quality of the product that they have ordered another 5000m2 project for Build Mart’s downstairs floor.

For more information on Sika products and systems, visit www.sika.co.za

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