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S&P ESG Evaluation confirms Sika's strong sustainability position

Sika scored 74 in the S&P Global Rating ESG Evaluation. This score reflects S&P Global Ratings’ view that Sika enables sustainability, delivering environmental benefits to customers. The report mentions Sika’s culture which fosters an innovative ecosystem with flat hierarchical structures. Large teams of engineers are encouraged to develop and execute new concepts.

Sika’s long-term strategy is to enhance its customers’ sustainability performance by developing innovative products that require less water or fewer raw materials. The strong collaboration with customers allows management and the board to anticipate the technological and secular trends that could disrupt its eight end markets. The overarching aim is to ensure its new products deliver functional and sustainable performance.

The S&P Global Ratings ESG Evaluation is provided by Standard & Poor’s Financial Service.

Sika focusses on sustainability in its strategy. The team of S&P Global Rating therefore is convinced that Sika will continue to develop new products that offer enhanced functionality and sustainable performance. According to the report Sika’s customer focus helps to anticipate and adapt to a variety of long-term plausible disruptions, rendering the strategic approach resilient.


Sika’s ESG Evaluation of 74 reflects our view that Sika embeds sustainability into its products, delivering environmental benefits to customers who are often in hard-to abate sectors such as concrete and roofing. Sika fosters close collaborations with customers that, in our view, helps it stay relevant to the need for sustainability in the construction and automotive sectors. The company currently lags other speciality chemical peers on occupational safety, but we recognize that it is taking steps to address this, with some early signs of improvement. Its governance standards reflect the comprehensive practices common in Swiss companies, and we expect its board composition to reach global best practices by adding diversity and skills in the near term.

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