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Simplified roof garden construction: A comprehensive guide

Roof gardens, an enticing concept, often depicted in movies adorning the summits of New York skyscrapers, are celebrated for their environmental benefits. However, the complexities involved in their construction can deter even seasoned professionals in the building industry. But fear not, for here we present a guide to streamline the process and mitigate potential complications.

Rooftop garden ovelooking a city.

Ensuring proper drainage

The cornerstone of a successful roof garden lies in facilitating seamless water flow through soil and drainage layers, preventing any potential structural damage. To achieve this, selecting appropriate materials is paramount.

Water should effortlessly traverse the soil towards designated drainage points, with a recommended gradient of 1:30. Ideally, these drainage points should be strategically positioned at intervals not exceeding 30 meters to ensure efficient lateral movement, with a maximum distance of 15 meters.

Introducing HyDrain: A reliable solution

For optimal performance, consider incorporating HyDrain, a robust domed roof drain renowned for its versatility. Proper placement of HyDrains is crucial, prioritizing alignment with underlying pipelines rather than garden layout. Its wide flange facilitates secure attachment of waterproofing membranes, guaranteeing leak-free water flow.

HyDrain Complete 75mm Bottom Outlet

HyDrain Complete 75mm Bottom Outlet

Protecting drainage points

Each roof segment designated for gardening should feature a minimum of two drainage points to mitigate blockages. Following HyDrain installation, safeguarding against silt accumulation is essential. This can be achieved by enveloping HyDrains in Geotextile or Bidim, subsequently covering them with large stone aggregates to anchor the protective layer.

Implementing root barrier measures

Preventing root intrusion is imperative to safeguard the integrity of the structure. Over the layer of large stone aggregates, install a root barrier utilizing specialized options or Geotextile/Bidim alternatives. Subsequently, add a layer of smaller stone aggregates, followed by soil and vegetation.

Proactive maintenance

To preemptively address potential issues, consider installing rodding eyes for easy access in case of blockages. Additionally, ensure that drainage points remain easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

For further insights on HyDrain and related products, visit our dedicated page or contact us at [email protected].

Embrace the art of rooftop gardening with confidence and efficiency, transforming urban landscapes while promoting sustainability.

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