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Suppliers of elegant drainage products to remove household and rain water in areas such as bathrooms, balconies, roofs and driveways.

Vision & Mission


To conduct a successful and sustainable business within the plumbing, building and drainage industry.


To become a relevant world wide player in the drainage industry by developing an increasing range of specialised quality drainage products

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keyboard_arrow_upSeaquals WetFloor 1st Fix Packs: Technical Data Sheet
keyboard_arrow_downSeaquals WetFloor 1st Fix Packs: Technical Data Sheet

WetFloor 1st Fix Packs are the 1st half of a floor drain used for all indoor and outdoor applications where a waterproofing membrane has been specified. The 1st Fix comprises a housing device called an F-box which connects to a standard plumbing pipe of either 50mm or 75mm. It is available with both horizontal & vertical outlets. It also comprises a large waterproofing flange and comes with a dust cover for protection during construction.

keyboard_arrow_upSeaqual Grate & Waste: Technical Data Sheet
keyboard_arrow_downSeaqual Grate & Waste: Technical Data Sheet

A drainage device consisting of a grate housing M-sert with spigot, grate and dust cover able to connect to either 40mm or 50mm plumbing pipe. Use with either a standard 40mm P-Trap for internal floor drains or with a 90° bend on balconies.

keyboard_arrow_upSeaqual 4All Channel Drainage System: Technical Data Sheet
keyboard_arrow_downSeaqual 4All Channel Drainage System: Technical Data Sheet

4All is an easy to assemble and install linear channel drainage system for the collection and harvesting of rainwater and storm water. The system can handle vehicular traffic up to 1.5 tons and has a domestic or light commercial rating of A15. This is an imported product, manufactured in Italy by Mufle and carries EN 1433 certification.

Latest news & press releases

keyboard_arrow_upBlending outdoor drainage and paving
keyboard_arrow_downBlending outdoor drainage and paving

The RainDrain Nylon is a catch pit that blends into the surrounding paving. Made from nylon, it is tough enough to drive over, can withstand a 5 ton vehicle and is suitable for domestic driveways.

keyboard_arrow_upProblems, plans and plumbers
keyboard_arrow_downProblems, plans and plumbers

One of Seaqual’s founders (Tony) who has had more than 35 years experience in the plumbing industry found it inconvenient to have to build gulleys under down pipes for rainwater drainage