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Sika's increasing presence in building finishing

Thanks to a number of acquisitions, Sika is now one of the biggest global players in Building Finishing. In the coming years, the company will profit from this unique position and will continue to gain market share.

With the acquisition of Parex as well as other companies such as Adeplast in Romania and King in Canada, Sika has turned into a true specialist player in Building Finishing. The company is now active in ceramic tiles and natural stones installation, facade systems, and interior walls. “Sika is now a leader in the market and is uniquely positioned to not only offer single products but full system solutions”, says Eric Lempereur, Head Corporate Target Market Building Finishing.

Mastering the Finishing

In facades especially, Sika is continuing to consolidate its profile and is currently offering a full set of solutions for wall preparation, decorative finishing, insulation systems like ETICS/EIFS or thermal insulation renders, as well as the renovation of traditional constructions and cleaning and protection. This range includes a wide selection of mineral and organic facade finishes in a growing number of countries, providing architects and home builders with one of the largest choices in both colours and textures. Thanks to its wide portfolio of technologies and combining products from its various Target Markets, Sika is uniquely positioned to offer not only single products but full systems for the building envelope, including facade finishes.

Architectes: Didier Replin & Albert Constantin (Photo: © Thierry Favatier)

Image: Architectes: Didier Replin & Albert Constantin (Photo: © Thierry Favatier)
Building Finishing
Architectes: Kengo Kuma & Associates (Photo: © Thierry Favatier)

Image: Architectes: Kengo Kuma & Associates (Photo: © Thierry Favatier)

Green Deal

Led by sustainability requirements facade insulation has tremendous growth potential, especially when considering the average energy loss through facades is estimated to be 33% of the total loss of a building. In Europe that is already driven by renovation, for example, new sustainability initiatives like the new European Green Deal as well as Renovate Europe, with the ambition of reducing the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050, will fuel the expansion of facade insulation systems.

Facade Insulation Systems

Sika has developed facade insulation systems in many countries throughout Europe, North and South America as well as the Middle East. From innovative sustainable bio-sourced insulation renders to classical ETICS/EIFS solutions where a composite system made of insulation material and mortars create a more sustainable construction. All these solutions have one thing in common, creating a protective skin around the building, saving heavily on heating and cooling in terms of both energy costs and the CO2 footprint.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Sika has already introduced bio-sourced products such as the hemp-based mortar Parnatur® for facade insulation and is working on the reduction of the CO2 footprint of its mortars through new binder systems. The large number of insulation systems which are being installed annually worldwide using Sika ETICS/EIFS solutions contribute to the reduction of a building’s overall CO2 emissions.

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