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3 reasons to visit the Isowall factory shop

Did you know that you can purchase insulated and decorative products from Isowall’s factory shop? Building professionals, specifiers and contractors can now buy items from the wide range of products with Isowall’s quality stamp of approval. Here is what to expect:

  1. A wide range of insulated and decorative products
Isocornice Decorative Cornice Range

Isocornice Decorative Cornice Range

Products available at the factory shop include:

  • Isocornice Decorative Cornice Range. Choose from a range of options to fit every budget, from basic to lavish, and from traditional to modern styles. Read more about this decorative range here.
  • We recommend this cementitious cornice adhesive for the Isocornice decorative cornice range, as well as the Isowood skirting board and dado rail range. Read here about installing our Isocornice range.
  • Isowood Skirting Boards and Dado Rails. These products come in standard 3-metre lengths, for the built environment market and pose as a viable alternative to hardwood. Read here how to install the Isowood range.
  • Isowall Stock Sandwich Panels. Isowall panels have a versatile, economical, aesthetic and waterproof composite insulating system suitable for external wall and roof structures. Find out more about the advantages of this panelling system here.
  • Isolite Cooler Boxes and Seedling Trays. Isolite Shape Moulded EPS Products are manufactured using customised moulds, providing insulation, lightweight fillers and semi-rigid cushioning. Find out more about our cooler boxes here.
  • Isolite Cut Sheets and Expansion Joints. Sheets are used for insulation and shapes of any kind can be cut and reproduced to exact specifications. Click here to read about EPS packaging.
  • Isolite CNC cut cake dummies and protective packaging pieces. For all your packaging or display problems, Isowall has the solution: CNC cut EPS to your design requirements, all cut to order. Click here to read more about CNC cut EPS.


  1. Low volume or small orders

The Isowall factory shop is ideal for construction professionals and architects who need to purchase low volume products for their projects. The shop takes in small orders and over-the-counter sales for general cut or CNC cut sheets.

For massive volumes of orders regarding Isowall sandwich panels and other products, it is best to contact the company directly for further assistance.

  1. Convenience and quality

The factory shop is located near the Isowall factory premises, just down the road at 91 Mosaic Street, Silverton, making it convenient for contractors and building professionals to peruse the range of insulated and decorative products.


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