Isowall Group

The overall focus of the Isowall Group is the manufacturing and installation of Isowall Sandwich Panels, as well as the manufacturing of Isolite expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) products.

The markets served are varied and include insulation, packaging, food storage and distribution, agriculture, construction, automotive and many others.

The Isowall Group is home to several companies with the main factory situated in Pretoria, and other facilities in Cape Town, East London and Tema, Ghana.

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Isowall Group
keyboard_arrow_upIsoLam Ceiling Boards Firelab Certificate
Isowall Group
keyboard_arrow_downIsoLam Ceiling Boards Firelab Certificate

Isolam ceiling boards Firelab certificate

Isowall Group
keyboard_arrow_upHebcooler Product Portfolio
Isowall Group
keyboard_arrow_downHebcooler Product Portfolio

Isowall Product Portfolio for Heebcooler Cups and Tubs.

Isowall Group
keyboard_arrow_upLarge Scale EPS-Cored Panel Test
Isowall Group
keyboard_arrow_downLarge Scale EPS-Cored Panel Test

Report on the large-scale fire propagation properties of an fire-retarded (FR) Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core cold-room panel system.

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keyboard_arrow_up3 reasons to visit the Isowall factory shop
keyboard_arrow_down3 reasons to visit the Isowall factory shop

Did you know that you can purchase insulated and decorative products from Isowall’s factory shop? Building professionals, specifiers and contractors can now buy items from the wide range of products with Isowall’s quality stamp of approval. Here is what to expect: A wide range of insulated and decorative products Products available at the factory shop […]

keyboard_arrow_upNew ways to decorate with dado rails
keyboard_arrow_downNew ways to decorate with dado rails

Dado rails are a type of interior moulding that runs horizontally along interior walls. They originally served several different purposes, but these are nowadays more or less redundant. However, just because dado rails are no longer necessary for their original purpose, does not mean that they are not a practical choice with various aesthetic benefits. […]

keyboard_arrow_upThe ideal roof, ceiling and wall insulation – Iso-Lam
keyboard_arrow_downThe ideal roof, ceiling and wall insulation – Iso-Lam

The Isolite Group manufactures and distributes expanded polystyrene (EPS) products throughout Southern Africa. The group services a wide range of industries, supplying products ranging from insulation sheets to fish boxes and seed trays to cycle helmets from seven different factory locations. One of the insulation products that form part of their range is Iso-Lam. It […]