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World-Class Flooring for a World-Class Venue

Nestled in the breathtaking ‘Valley of Dreams,’ Franschhoek Cellar stands out as an exquisite addition to the renowned wine route in the region. Situated less than a kilometer away from the town hall, this remarkable venue seamlessly combines the allure of country living with unparalleled luxury, making it an essential destination for every visitor to the Western Cape.

Wine cellar floor

Unquestionably, even paradise can have its imperfections. Recently, concerns arose regarding the wine cellar floor, which was deemed unworthy of a world-class venue. With a reputation for crafting some of the finest wines since 1990, DGB possesses an innate understanding of sophistication. When the time came for a complete refurbishment of the wine cellar floor, they had a clear vision: an elegant and high-quality granite-grey finish, the ideal touch to enhance the cellar’s pristine ambiance. To achieve this, they turned to the expertise of specialist applicator Botwei Projects, who, in turn, sought the assistance of Sika.

Upon initial inspection, it became evident that the existing floor exhibited undesirable conditions, including curling, delamination, and poorly executed joints. Given the subpar state of the floor, a decision had to be made between repairing the existing flooring or opting for a complete redo. After careful consideration, it was ultimately decided to remove 1700m2 of the existing cementitious flooring entirely—a formidable task that specialist applicator Botwei Projects fearlessly undertook. Furthermore, the client requested an additional 400m2 of flooring to be installed, a testament to their trust in the Sika brand.

Winery floor

Despite encountering numerous obstacles and operating under less-than-optimal conditions, Sika’s products proved to be up to the challenge, thanks to the expertise of Botwei Projects’ specialist team. The process began with the meticulous preparation of the existing floors using Sikadur®-52 ZA. This product effectively sealed all existing cracks through a gravity feed method. By creating a reservoir around the crack and filling it with the low-viscosity resin, the crack was gradually penetrated, resulting in a durable permanent seal. SikaGrout®-212, a renowned high-strength cementitious grout with shrinkage compensation properties, was then used to efficiently fill all voids and defects. For additional repairs, SikaQuick®-2500 was employed, living up to its name by promoting rapid hardening and early strength gain.

Next, Sikafloor®-20 PurCem®, a 6mm high-strength polyurethane cement hybrid screed, was expertly applied using a trowel. This product boasts exceptional qualities, such as odourlessness, non-taint properties for food processing areas, and resistance to thermal shock when used in industrial freezers. The Sikafloor®-20 PurCem® polyurethane hybrid screed not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, delivering a robust and elegant finish.

Finally, to prime and seal the joints, Sika® Primer-3N and Sikaflex® PRO-3® polyurethane joint sealant were meticulously applied. These products ensured the joints were well-prepared and effectively sealed, respectively.

Overall, the Sika products utilised throughout this installation demonstrated their superiority once again, leaving the client thrilled with the exceptional quality of the final result. Understanding the importance of time, the team diligently completed the project promptly without compromising on excellence.

In conclusion, this project not only fulfilled and surpassed the customer’s requirements but also provided an elegant and world-class floor that harmonises seamlessly with the exceptional winery it graces.

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