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Truworths reveals state-of-the-art distribution centre with CLF's cutting-edge floor solutions

Truworths, a leading force in the retail industry, proudly unveils the successful completion of its expanded distribution centre, featuring advanced floor solutions provided by CLF – Concrete Laser Flooring. This remarkable milestone, centred on constructing an expanded distribution facility, integrates top-tier products from Sika South Africa and concrete supplied by Métier.

Truworths Distribution Centre concrete flooring laying screed with a laser.

CLF’s expertise in industrial flooring solutions

CLF is celebrated for its proficiency in industrial flooring solutions, specialising in innovative and precise concrete flooring applications. With an unwavering dedication to state-of-the-art technology and superior craftsmanship, CLF consistently achieves outstanding results in large-scale projects.

Pouring robust concrete slabs

Assigned with the task of pouring a resilient and durable concrete slab for the expansive 55,000 m² warehouse, CLF embraced the challenge with precision and expertise. The floors were coated with Sikafloor®-3 QuartzTop, a single-part, pre-blended mineral dry shake hardener renowned for its impact resistance, swift application, and effortless cleaning. Every joint received meticulous treatment with Sika® Primer-3 N and Backing Cord, followed by sealing using Sikaflex® Construction+ sealant, ensuring unmatched durability and longevity.

Laser spreading of concrete for the Truworths distribution centre floor.

Overcoming initial challenges

Despite encountering initial hurdles at the Truworths Distribution Centre, such as base floor misalignment of up to 20 mm, the primary contractor promptly addressed the issue, enabling uninterrupted progress. Leveraging advanced laser technology for adjustments proved pivotal in rectifying the base floor misalignment, underscoring a commitment to precision and excellence.

Laying concrete and plastic covering the newly laid concrete flooring at the Truworths distribution centre.

Exemplifying excellence and innovation

The expansion project of the Truworths Distribution Centre epitomises a dedication to excellence and innovation in construction. Led by CLF and incorporating premium products from Sika, the flooring of the distribution centre sets a standard for durability, quality, and precision.

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