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Silo structural repair in Limpopo

Sika’s world-renowned Carbon fiber structural strengthening system, Sika Carbodur, was specified by Anglo Technical Division for a silo structural strengthening project in Limpopo. The project commenced in June 2016 at the Dishaba Platinum Mine situated between Northam and Thabazimbi, where two coal storing silos required structural strengthening.

Dishaba silos at Platinium Mine in Limpopo

Sika CarboDur M consists of pultruded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates bonded with Sikadur-30, a thixotropic, structural two-part adhesive based on resins. By completion of the project, 950m of Sika CarboDur M614 (60mm wide x 1.4mm thick) laminates had been bonded onto the silos. As a final protective coating on the silos, Sikagard-550 W Elastic, a highly elastic, thixotropic coating available in various shades, was applied.

silo structures

Based on UV-curing acrylic dispersion, with excellent crack-bridging properties even at low temperatures, Sikagard-550 W Elastic provides high diffusion resistance against CO2 as well as high resistance to weathering. Solvent-free and water vapour permeable, Sikagard-550 W Elastic has a reduced tendency to dirt pick-up and contamination.

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