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Anti-graffiti coating now in South Africa

Sika introduces Sikagard-850 AG

Sika is renowned for keeping up with technologies and innovative products and the introduction of SikaGard-850 AG (Anti-Graffiti) is no different. This product is a permanent anti-graffiti and anti-fly poster coating for the protection of concrete, wood, masonry and metal substrates.

Sikagard-850 AG is an anti-graffiti and anti-poster coating

Providing a clear wet-look surface, the product also brightens and enhances the colour of the substrate. SikaGard®-850 AG delivers excellent performance against exterior elements such as rain, sun and temperature extremes.

Areas of application

SikaGard®-850 AG can be used for treating new and refurbished buildings, bridges and other structures to protect them from vandalism and unauthorised artwork for a permanent solution.

There is no need for product maintenance and refresher coats after cleaning; providing a full-proof product application.

Typical substrates: 

  • Fair faced concrete, masonry
  • Mineral substrate previously treated with hydrophobic impregnation
  • Metallic surfaces
  • Wooden surface

Removing graffiti from walls coating with Sikagard 850 AG is very easy

The unique characteristics of the SikaGard-850 AG give a lasting solution for removing graffiti numerous times without damaging the protection layer on the surface of the substrate. The surface, once treated, offers 100% prevention of any posters being stuck on treated surface. No chemical agent is required for the cleaning of graffiti, simply use cold high pressure water (80 to 100 bars) or even a standard hose coupled by rubbing down the surface with a suitable cloth or stiff brush.

SikaGard-850 AG is water permeable with low water absorption. Adapted to outdoor use, this product has very good weather and ageing resistance as well as protection against UV, with a high gloss retention allowing for low dirt pick-up.

Sika South Africa

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