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Reinforcing fibers for increased concrete performance

Sika's reinforcing fibers

Increased concrete performance with Sika’s reinforcing fibers. Urban construction requires high-strength concrete and reinforcement solution for demanding projects like highrise buildings or infrastructure projects. The concrete has to withstand high pressures. In recent years, Sika has expanded its presence in the fast-growing concrete reinforcing fiber market, with several acquisitions and investments in new production lines.

Sika's reinforcing fibers for increased concrete performance 

Concrete Reinforcing Fibers Key Facts

Global Fiber Market

> CHF 800M
all types of fibers included
Studies have shown that adding fibers to concrete increases flexural strength

Fibers also provide improved corrosion protection, fire resistance, and extend the service life

of installed concrete contains fibers. Experts anticipate that concrete reinforcing fibers will usher in the same magnitude of progress in construction as admixtures have since their introduction to the market
Because of its greater efficiency, fiber reinforced concrete is set to grow at an estimated average of

a year in the period between 2015 and 2020. The advantages of using fibers include a reduced site workload because less rebar needs to be used.

Key Causes of Concrete Failure and Ways to Fix It

Deterioration of concrete is largely due to:    

Chemical degradation, e.g. chemical exposure, alkali aggregate reactions, bacterial action

Corrosion of the reinforcement steel, e.g. carbonation, chlorides, stray electrical current

Mechanical attack, e.g. impact, overloading, movement, earthquake, explosion

Physical damage, e.g. freeze/thaw action, thermal movements, shrinkage, abrasion, wear

Underlying contributors, e.g. poor construction, design faults, lack of maintenance

Reasons for concrete repair:

Replace defective concrete

Restore structural integrity

Restore aesthetic appearance

Restore geometric appearance

Restore durability

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