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Sika extends lifespan of structures

Sika is a leading provider of solutions for the protection and repair of building structures. Philippe Jost, Head Construction and Member of Group Management, explains in this interview why the long-term preservation of buildings promotes sustainability, and how Sika researches the ageing processes of building structures.

Philippe Jost, Head Construction and Member of Group Management

Philippe Jost, Head Construction and Member of Group Management

Why is it important to promote the longevity of building structures?

Various studies show that extending the life span of a building or structure by 20 years has the effect of reducing the cumulative CO2eq kg per m2 by 30%.

What external influences are buildings particularly exposed to?

Broadly speaking there are two problem areas: on the one hand mechanical wear – abrasion – and on the other aggressive substances such as chloride and CO2 attacking concrete.

How does Sika differentiate itself from its competitors in the area of longevity?

Not all competitors can offer a product portfolio that is as broad as ours. What’s more, we have a number of solutions that exhibit superior properties. Other strengths of Sika include the power to innovate, proximity to the customer, and an understanding of local practices.

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What solutions does Sika offer to protect buildings against these influences and extend their lifecycles?

Sika offers a broad spectrum of protection and repair systems for reinforced concrete that have proved themselves over many decades. Among other things, our product range includes high-quality concrete admixtures, speciality mortars, waterproofing membranes, and systems for static strengthening and concrete protection.

Is the importance of building longevity to climate protection and the saving of resources also now evident to developers and owners?

In Europe, yes, but in other parts of the world the degree of awareness is not yet quite so pronounced. Developers, investors, and owners tend not to take such a long-term view when planning. In North America, for example, no one builds a house with 20 years in mind. The mentality is more buy and sell – with a higher focus on the price in the knowledge that problems may come to light at an earlier stage. That said, we are seeing an increase in awareness in many countries.

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