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Sika MonoTop® Range

Sika is all about innovation. We pride ourselves on continuously developing new technologies to enhance our product range in the construction industry. This proactive commitment to research and development has led to Sika introducing a new and improved range of concrete repair mortars. A key feature of this Sika MonoTop® range is its sustainable, low cement content, which contributes to reducing Sika’s carbon footprint. Sustainable construction has a multitude of benefits – uncompromised population health, and increased productivity being key among them. The Sika MonoTop® range has FOUR different variations, each with a unique set of properties, thus setting them apart in the market:

monotap multi flow

Sika MonoTop®-1010 is an improved rebar corrosion protection mortar. It is also a bonding primer, tested for application under live dynamic loads in conjunction with Sika MonoTop®-4012. A reduced carbon footprint of approximately 25%, compared to an equivalent mortar, makes it a first-choice amongst the best. It is a slurry that has reduced dust formation during mixing, comprises corrosion inhibitors, provides excellent resistance against water and chlorides, all enhancing the protection of the steel rebar. Its great adhesion to concrete and steel rebar ultimately promotes the adhesion between an existing structure and any new concrete repair mortar.

Sika MonoTop®-4012 is a cementitious, fibre reinforced concrete repair mortar. An innovative product that contains recycled waste material, therefore, reducing its carbon footprint. It is a versatile, quality product that can be used to repair all types of reinforced structures as well as structures that require a class R4 mortar. SikaMonoTop®-4012 is easy to apply by both hand and wet spray methods and in most cases does not require a bonding primer. It has an A1 fire rating making it ideal for restoration work, structural strengthening and for preserving or restoring passivity.

monotap group products for repair

Sika MonoTop®-3020 is an improved, high-performing and sustainable smoothing and levelling fairing coat mortar for concrete repair and protection. Easy to work with – just add to water and it is ready to mix – it is suitable for both hand and wet spray application. With a 15% lower carbon footprint contributing to sustainability, it also provides reduced dust formation during mixing, a low cracking tendency and enhanced mechanical performance.

An exciting recent innovation is Sika’s MonoTop®-4200 Multi Flow. It is a unique product in that it provides a versatile repair option. By simply adjusting the water ratios, the required consistencies for the specific application can be attained, thus providing a choice of a hand-applied mortar for vertical or overhead applications and a self-smoothening consistency for horizontal applications. It has a low cracking tendency, is resistant to seawater and sulphates, and has a low carbon footprint. Given its all-round performance capabilities, Sika MonoTop®-4200 Multi Flow can be used for restoration, strengthening and protection work. Its easy-to-use nature makes it available to professional and non-professional markets alike.

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