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  • Subgrade Stabilisation
  • Filtration and Drainage
  • Reinforcement and Separation
  • Road Maintenance / Rehabilitation
  • Water & Waste Containment
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Our core product, bidim is a continuous filament nonwoven needle-punched geotextile. It is manufactured of 100% recycled polyester from discarded cool-drink bottles. Its versatility sees it used in various applications from erosion control against tidal action, to reinforcing earth retaining structures, to separation in railway applications, to subsoil drainage in roads and homes, to liner protection in raw water dams, and more.  Made in South Africa.


A proudly South African manufactured GCL (geosynthetic clay liner) for lining water and waste containment sites. EnviroFix® is produced by needle-punching a uniform layer of sodium bentonite between two layers of geotextile. Using a proprietary heat-treating process – Thermal Lock™ – the needle punched fibres are modified and more permanently locked into place. EnviroFix® has combined properties of low permeability and high internal shear strength making it a versatile hydraulic barrier.


The EnviroRock® containers are extremely robust and are designed to be filled with sand, soil, gravel, recycled material, treated materials, or a combination thereof to form a stable, durable container.  These containers are manufactured using the patented 3PL, Envirotex, Georevet, or bidim depending on the requirements of the application.

The versatility and durability of EnviroRock® containers provide solutions to structures such as groynes, walls, reef structures and other applications for marine and inland waterway structures.


Kaybion® baskets and mattresses are woven wire mesh containers manufactured from zinc-coated steel wire, with or without an additional PVC coating. Supplied in bundles, they are assembled and filled with rock on-site as modular units that are laced together to form permeable flexible structures. Kaybion® baskets and mattresses are used in many, varied applications and are widely considered as an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution.


RockGrid® PC is a high-strength, composite geotextile offering high modulus characteristics for reinforcement and minimum deformation. As such, RockGrid® PC is successfully used:

  •  In high embankment fills and on steep slopes in waste landfills,
  • as basal reinforcement beneath road embankments or load platforms over weak ground or underlying voids


Multi-Cell® is a honeycombed structure that is manufactured from strips of a coated slit film is woven polypropylene tape that is stitched alternatively together to form three-dimensional diamond-shaped cells.

Multi-Cell® is used as an in-situ shuttering to cast continuous interlocking concrete paving for road or canal construction and as an erosion control formwork for soil vegetated embankments.

Sealmac® For Roads

Sealmac® is a nonwoven, spunbonded, continuous filament, double needle-punched, polyester geotextile.

The Sealmac® Road Rehabilitation System provides a single procedure to both seals and strengthens a distressed pavement.

The Sealmac® Paved Road System is used in upgrading and paving low volume gravel roads without importing expensive new base course material.

Sealmac® For Dams

Sealmac® is a nonwoven, spun-bonded, continuous filament, double needle-punched, polyester geotextile.

The Sealmac® Dam Lining System involves the saturation of Sealmac® with a special elastomeric bitumen product to produce an impermeable membrane.  Numerous farm and municipal oxidation dams have also been successfully installed with this system since 1980.


This glass fibre reinforced geogrid is designed to redirect crack stresses horizontally and dissipate the traffic-induced stresses. Thus it helps retard cracks from reflecting through a new asphalt overlay to the surface. GlasGrid is a polymer-coated woven glass fibre grid structure with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for asphalt reinforcement.

Concrete Canvas™

Concrete Canvas is part of a class of construction materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). It is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer. It is used in concrete channel lining, slope protection, bund lining, remediation of existing concrete structures, and culvert lining.

TenCate Geotube

Geotube® is one of the most versatile sludge dewatering systems available.  Volume reduction can be as much as 90% with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy.  No belts or gears are required. Geotube® is available in various sizes depending on your sludge volume and available space.


A heavy-duty, extruded, HDPE drainage net or geospacer is used as a drainage core to replace stone aggregate in the subsoil and structural drains as well as leakage detection systems.


Flo-Drain™ is a prefabricated subsoil drainage system comprising Flownet™ drainage core wrapped in a bidim® geotextile filter jacket, to which a Geopipe™ is added.

The system offers ease of installation, is flexible and comprises a lightweight product (cheap and easy to transport). It is used as an alternative to the conventional aggregate drain and in successfully lowering the water table or intercepting seepage in a wide range of applications.

Kaypipe® Geopipe

Lightweight HDPE Kaypipe® geopipe has been specifically designed and manufactured to be a practical solution to all drainage problems,  The 70% open area of the geopipe allows for a significant increase in the infiltration rate of water into the pipe.  No other drainage pipe has an infiltration rate equivalent to that of Kaypipe®.


Flo-Pipe is a high strength rigid slotted HDPE drainage pipe consisting of a ribbed outer shell and a  smooth inner bore. It is optimally clotted for maximum infiltration with minimal blockage.


Megaflo™ is a panel drain comprising a high strength slotted HDPE core wrapped in a bidim® geotextile filter to act as both a collector drain and conduit pipe in subsoil drains, leakage detection systems and sportsfields.


Wickdrain® is a pre-manufactured composite vertical band drain system comprising a heavy-duty, extruded, HDPE geospacer (100mm flat cyclinder) wrapped in bidim® filter geotextile.


The Infiltrator Chamber is a pre-manufactured open underground unit that acts as a direct replacement for conventional stormwater and wastewater attenuation.


An abrasion-resistant, flexible HDPE sheet, manufactured specifically as an underground barrier to stop the lateral burrowing of the Cape Dune Mole Rat or similar rodents and protect road pavements structures.


Dimplecore is a durable, heat-formed, cuspated synthetic sheet used in drainage applications. The structure of the symmetrical cusps resists the effects of lateral shear which may adversely affect alternative ‘pillar type’ drainage cores. The flat reverse side and top ensure low contact pressure and therefore prevents the creation of point loads. This is significant when Dimplecore is placed between or over waterproof lining systems.

Dimpledrain is a geocomposite drainage core. It’s made up of a durable, heat-formed, cuspated synthetic sheet that is bonded on the cusp side, to a nonwoven bidim filter/separator layer to form a drainage core.

The structure of the symmetrical cusps resists the effects of lateral shear which may adversely affect alternative ‘pillar type’ drainage cores. The flat reverse side and top ensure low contact pressure and therefore prevents the creation of point loads. The bidim layer acts as a filtration layer …. This is significant when Dimpledrain is placed between or over waterproof lining systems.


SoilSaver® is made from a biodegradable 100% jute yarn woven to form a 65% open mesh structure which is ideal for erosion control. SoilSaver® serves to conserve moisture and hold seeds and soil firmly in place. The open structure provides space for plant propagation and growth.


Enviromat® is a locally produced and biodegradable erosion control blanket made from woodwool extracted from the alien Poplar tree. Used to combat soil erosion on exposed slopes, it stimulates vegetative growth while protecting topsoil and germinating seeds from the elements.


A slit film woven polypropylene tape geotextile for use as a high modulus separator in composite drains.


A nonwoven spunbonded continuous filament needlepunched polyester geotextile substrate, WP1100® is widely used in wet-laid waterproofing applications because of its saturation, conformability and strength characteristics.

Bidim® Flashpack®

Convenient bidim® Flashpack® is for domestic use in the house and garden.  It separates, filters, and drains.

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