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Structural Insulated Panels Versatility - Isopanels

structural insulated panels from Isowall

Structural insulated panels (SIP) represent a highly versatile and innovative building technology suitable for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Building with SIPs achieves superior thermal insulation, energy efficiency, and durability while eliminating the expense of adding insulation to building systems after construction.

Constructing a panel system building with insulated panels is much faster and more cost-effective than the brick-and-mortar type of construction, while also being an environmentally friendly choice due to the recyclable insulating material in the panels.

Traditionally, Isowall has manufactured the Isopanels insulated panels for cold storage facilities, refrigeration and freezers, but these panels can be used for many other popular applications, from warehousing to modular residential homes.

Warehousing and Commercial Buildings

Structured insulated panels systems perform well in the commercial, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and retail industries. Commercial facilities such as supermarkets require refrigerated rooms for storing perishable goods, while retailers need to store electronics and other sensitive equipment safely.

Our Isopanels are ideal for storage facilities that require specific temperature control, refrigeration, controlled environments and hygienic conditions to keep products, electronics, food and medicine in optimum conditions.

Specifiers who include Isowall in their design brief can be confident that they have chosen the most extensively tested and proven panel system in the marketplace. All enquiries will be dealt with by our experienced and friendly staff who will give you prompt and courteous service.

Transport Containers and Trailers

Aside from building storage facilities, SIPS are highly effective in transporting and protecting goods. Viable applications include refrigerated containers and vans for transporting perishable and pharmaceutical products.

Isopanels can be used to insulate the interior of transport containers and trailers, effectively keeping items in perfectly good conditions for their destination.

Modular Infrastructure and Housing

SIPS are a very convenient alternative building method for large scale housing projects and on-site accommodation, as well as low-cost housing. Buildings can be made to specifications and assembled quickly while ensuring energy efficiency.

Given their modular structure, Isopanels are highly effective in insulating modular infrastructure buildings, offices and other such facilities, including residential homes.  Furthermore, structural insulated panels are excellent as insulated roof and wall cladding materials for each of these applications.

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