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Hotel Sky efficient drywall solutions

Hotel Sky stands tall in the vibrant City Bowl of Cape Town, offering panoramic views that captivate the soul. This architectural marvel, crafted by the renowned Noero Architects in collaboration with Vivid Architects, required meticulous planning and innovative solutions to transform from a commercial space to a luxurious hospitality haven. Under the astute project management of Planning Connection Project Management c.c, helmed by Eric Ettisch, Saint-Gobain’s lightweight drywall solutions emerged as the cornerstone of efficiency and effectiveness in this ambitious venture.

Sky Hotel Foreshore Cape Town lobby area

Location and Overview

Nestled near the International Conference Centre, Hotel Sky commands a prime location in Cape Town’s bustling heart. Its strategic positioning not only provides unparalleled vistas of the City Bowl but also presents unique challenges in conversion. To navigate these challenges seamlessly, the project demanded solutions that would optimise both time and resources.

Sky Hotel tropical themed walls.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenge 1: Moisture Resistance

The transition from commercial to hospitality necessitated accommodations for wet areas, particularly bathrooms. This called for construction materials that could withstand moisture without compromising structural integrity. Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions, known for their moisture-resistant properties, emerged as the ideal choice, ensuring longevity and durability in the face of water exposure.

Hotel Sky bathroom suite.

Challenge 2: Fire Safety Compliance

Adhering to the stringent regulations of SANS 10400-Part T Fire Legislation was paramount to guarantee guest safety. With a mandate for a 1-hour fire rating between rooms, the project demanded materials that offered uncompromising fire resistance. Gyproc and Isover systems, renowned for their non-combustible nature, proved their mettle by meeting and surpassing the standards set by SANS 10177 Part 5.

Innovative Solutions

Insulation: Cavitybatt™ Glasswool

Within the drywall system, Cavitybatt™ glasswool acoustic and thermal insulation played a pivotal role. Beyond enhancing acoustic comfort, this innovative solution provided superior thermal insulation, ensuring a conducive environment for guests while minimising energy consumption.


Kean Pearce, from Vivid Architects, lauds the efficacy of Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions, remarking on their exceptional quality and versatility. He emphasises the invaluable support and guidance received throughout the project, coupled with seamless on-site technical assistance. For Pearce, Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions were not just a time-saving measure but a testament to excellence in both performance and finish.


The success story of Hotel Sky is a testament to Saint-Gobain’s drywall solutions. From overcoming moisture challenges to ensuring stringent fire safety compliance, these solutions exemplify the pinnacle of modern construction practices. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, partnerships with pioneers like Saint-Gobain pave the way for unparalleled luxury and sustainability.

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