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Aerolite® Soft Touch

Aerolite® Soft Touch is a high performance glasswool thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation that that is bonded with an inert thermosetting resin.


Factorylite® is manufactured from high quality non-combustible flexible Glasswool insulation with an inert binder, which makes the product lightweight, safe and resilient.


Factoryboard® will reduce thermal heat transmission in your building and as a result will reduce power consumption significantly. Insulating metal buildings is essential and helps stabilise the structures interior temperature.


Ductwrap® is a Glasswool thermal insulation blanket with reinforced foil facing. This product is designed to be applied around air-conditioning ducts.

Sonic Liner

Sonic Liner is a black woven glass-cloth faced Glasswool blanket with excellent acoustic insulation properties.


Soundlite® is a non-combustible Glasswool tile with excellent acoustic and thermal performance.

Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight, rigid, plastic foam insulation material produced from solid beads of polystyrene.


Hydroboard is a moulded insulation board for applications where resistance to moisture and compression is required.

Geyser Insulation

The Geyser Insulation Pack consists of a foil faced Glasswool insulation blanket and five 1 metre long Glasswool Snap On Pipe Insulation.

Ashgrid Spacer System

The Ashgrid Spacer System is a high performance non-combustible spacer system that meets the SANS 10400-XA legislation requirements.

Cavitybatt™ & Cavitylite®

Cavitybatt™ & Cavitylite® have been specially developed for acoustic performance in drywall systems.


Energylite® is an industrial Glasswool insulation product manufactured in batts and rolls.


Cineplex is a non-combustible Glasswool tile with excellent acoustic and thermal performance.

Minerval™ A

The affordable class A acoustic tile that offers fire-resistive benefits for lay-in tile ceilings.

Snap on Pipe

Snap On Pipe is a pre-formed, rigid Glasswool pipe section that is manufactured for both hot and cold service piping systems.

Politerm Blu®

EPS beads which are treated with a chemical additive to enable the production of lightweight, thermal insulation mortars of various densities.


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