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Exploring EPS cornice advantages

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Cornices: Enhancing interior aesthetics

Decorative cornices serve as an exquisite addition to the convergence of walls and ceilings, elevating interior aesthetics. The evolution of materials for these enhancements has introduced Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as a compelling choice. While traditional options like hardwood and plaster have adorned spaces, EPS brings a range of benefits and versatility that redefine this decorative element’s role.

Isowall worker producing EPS cornices.

Insulation properties for enhanced comfort

EPS stands out prominently due to its remarkable insulating capabilities. Particularly in areas susceptible to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, its resistance to moisture and immunity to water damage become pivotal attributes. Additionally, EPS surpasses organic materials like wood by resisting insect-related damages, contributing significantly to its longevity.

Durability redefined

One of the standout features of EPS cornices is their durability. They exhibit a remarkable resistance to impact, maintaining their original shape over time, thereby avoiding unsightly dents or deformities. Isowood’s extruded skirting boards and dado rails, designed to mimic the aesthetics of wood, provide an enticing alternative to hardwood without the need for treatments like stains or paints.

Simplicity in installation

The ease of installation amplifies the appeal of EPS cornices. Their lightweight nature simplifies transportation and handling for builders, reducing both time and costs during application. Unlike hardwood options, EPS cornices require minimal preparation, easy resizing, and eliminate the necessity for undercoat treatments. Installing these cornices involves a straightforward process of applying adhesive glue to affix them securely onto ceiling and wall surfaces.

Conclusion: A versatile and cost-effective solution

In conclusion, Expanded Polystyrene emerges as a resilient and cost-effective option for manufacturing and installing decorative cornices. Isowall’s Isocornice range offers diverse styles catering to various budgets, all while utilizing EPS and recommending their specialized Isoglue adhesive for optimal results. Isowall, renowned for insulated sandwich panels and EPS/EPP products, stands as a trusted supplier within Africa.


  1. Are EPS cornices easily customisable for different designs?EPS cornices can be customised to suit various designs due to their easy cutting nature.
  2. What maintenance is required for EPS cornices compared to hardwood?EPS cornices require minimal maintenance, unlike hardwood that may need regular staining or painting.
  3. Do EPS cornices contribute to energy efficiency in a space?Yes, due to their insulation properties, EPS cornices can contribute to maintaining energy efficiency.
  4. Can EPS cornices be painted or finished in different colours?Yes, EPS cornices can be painted or finished in different colours according to individual preferences.
  5. Are EPS cornices suitable for outdoor use?While EPS is durable, outdoor use might require additional protective measures against extreme weather conditions.
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