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Doors for fresh-produce retail store

Maxiflex delivers door solutions for Southern Hemisphere’s largest independent fresh-produce retail store  

Maxiflex delivers door solutions for Southern Hemisphere’s largest independent fresh-produce retail store   

The exceptional sealing and insulation qualities of Maxiflex’s electrically operated sectional doorsswing lip dock levellers and strip curtains streamline traffic flow and deliver uncompromising temperature control critical for keeping fresh produce fresh and preventing product spoilage at Evergreens Fresh Market in Kempton Park, Johannesburg 

Evergreens Fresh Market opened its first store in Pretoria, Gauteng, 35 years ago supplying fresh produce, groceries and frozen goods to retail and bulk shoppers. In Q2 2019, the construction of a second store was completed in Kempton Park. Catering to the local Tembisa community, this 22 000sqm flagship facility is the largest independent fresh-produce retail store in the Southern Hemisphere, supplying fruit, vegetables and dairy produce as well as meat and bread from the in-store butchery and bakery. As the largest CO2 installation in the local commercial sector, with a refrigeration capacity of 1.9MW, efficient temperature control is essential for this store.

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Maxiflex’s entrance system trio which comprises of 16 electrically operated sectional doors and 12 swing lip dock levellers out of the renowned ASSA ABLOY stable as well as PVC strip curtains, presented the perfect solution. “Evergreens are known for delivering high-quality products and demand the same standards from their suppliers. Already familiar with the quality of our products and services due to our existing relationship, the customer had no hesitation in appointing Maxiflex as door supplier of choice,” comments Maxiflex Managing Director, Bram Janssen.

The modern, robust and flexible electrically operated sectional doors are next-generation products, presenting unmatched insulation qualities. Manufactured from high-quality materials and featuring wind-resistant reinforced panels combined with class 3 certification for water tightness, wind load and air permeability, these dependable doors perform optimally even in the most adverse of conditions over a long life cycle.

Maxiflex also installed swing lip dock levellers connecting the Evergreens building with delivery vehicles for safe and efficient loading and unloading. The swing dock’s swing lip bridges the gap between the ramp and the vehicle bed ensuring safe goods transfer and avoiding injuries to personnel and damage to equipment. Dock levellers were installed outside the building to prevent unnecessary loss of cold air through the dock leveller.

“Our customer was impressed with our clean, neat and easy-to-use integrated controller for the door and dock leveller,” says Janssen. The intelligent, innovative 950 series docking control system from ASSA ABLOY is an all-in-one convenient control unit which provides direct control of the dock leveller and door. With only a few self-explaining buttons it is easy to operate, effortlessly meeting the demands of modern logistics.

Maxiflex’s strip curtains create flexible, safe, energy-saving partitions that separate Evergreens’ butchery and bakery areas from expensive cold air loss to the back of the house. These robust doorways efficiently control temperatures to protect goods while allowing seamless traffic flow. Leading the market in strip curtain manufacture since 1990, Maxiflex’s complete customised strip curtain solutions deliver exceptional resistance to force ensuring a long life-cycle and are ideal for light, medium and heavy pedestrian and motorised traffic in cold storage and freezer environments.

“All three solutions that we supplied to Evergreens streamline traffic flow and are easy to maintain, delivering improved productivity, reduced operational costs and ultimately, the lowest total cost of ownership to our customer,” concludes Janssen.

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