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Why use colour hardener on concrete floors?

Dry-shake screed floor finish

Cemcrete’s colour hardener is a granolithic concrete material that is floated into fresh screed or concrete which colours, strengthens and creates durable surfaces for the concrete floors. It is a special blend of cement incorporating very hard-wearing aggregates, lightfast pigments and additives which set rock-hard.

colour hardener used on concrete floor of home


  • Can be used for interior & exterior floors
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial projects
  • Colours concrete to a depth of 2 – 3mm
  • No risk of colour being rubbed off or abraded
  • Extremely durable (dependent on screed mix and curing)
  • Can be used in conjunction with SuperScreed (10 – 20mm) where there are height restrictions
  • Can be imprinted with patterns
  • Can be used with underfloor heating

colour hardener concrete floor with cobble milk colour in kitchen

Q: Can my builder do the Colour Hardener application?
A: If your builder has experience working with Cemcrete products and you feel confident in using them to do the application, then yes. Your builder can also attend our demo days hosted at our Academy in Johannesburg. For more info on these demonstration days, click here.  Cemcrete can also provide you with independent contractor details in your area. Click here and complete your project details in order for us to assist you with the best contractor for your needs. The independent contractors will provide you with a quote including the product and labour.

Q: What type of screed or topping mix should be used with Colour Hardener?
A: For the screed or topping mix please follow the guidelines as set out by the Concrete Institute in their sand, cement, screed brochure.

Q: Do you have to seal a Colour Hardener floor?
A: Yes, Cement by nature is porous and applying a sealer ensures that your cement floor is protected from any spills or normal wear and tear.

Q: Can I power float a floor after Colour Hardener application?
A: Yes, a Colour Hardener floor of a large area can be power floated. Please contact our technical team for more information on the process or download the datasheet here.

Q: How long after the Colour Hardener application can you walk on the floor?
A: After 24 hours of light foot traffic is allowed for curing and sealing purposes only.

Q: Can I use underfloor heating with a Colour Hardener floor? 
A: Various types of underfloor heating can also be used with Colour Hardener floors, for example, you can embed radiant heating cables in cement floors to keep them toasty warm in the winter, or you can use designer installed water heating tubes beneath the screed. One thing that is vital to note, is that in essence cement is not a flexible material, therefore during heating and cooling expansion and contraction takes place and you run the risk of the floor cracking. However, using slow and gradual heating solutions and rather leaving them on for the duration of winter can minimise this risk as the floor is exposed to less erratic temperature variances. Stability is the key to reduce the risk.

Q: Will my Colour Hardener floor crack and what measures can be taken to minimise the chances of it happening? 
A: Hairline cracking is normal, by nature cement is not flexible, so movement and temperature variances causing expansion and contraction and shrinkage may cause fine hairline cracks. This is part of the natural element of a cement finish and adds to the unique look and feel. However, the correct preparation and application processes are vital to avoid bigger cracks from appearing. Also adding expansion joints, dividing your cement floor into big blocks, can help to allow for movement and could prevent larger cracks from appearing.

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