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Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings
Cemcrete | Products | Building Products
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A variety of products for building needs

Cemcrete | Products | Pools
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Cemcrete Pool Products - for swimming pool finishes and repairs, PoolCrete, Pool Coating, Beadcrete and pool repair products

Cemcrete | Products | Countertops
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Casted concrete countertops and countertop coatings

Cemcrete | Products | Ceilings
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Coatings for statement ceilings

Cemcrete | Products | Roofs
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Products for roof repair and finishing

Cemcrete | Products | Wall Products
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Wall Preparation Products, Trowel-on & Brush-on Wall Finishes & Sealers

Cemcrete | Products | Floor Products
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Floor Preparation Products, Floor Finishes, Sealers & Floor Maintenance

Cemcrete | Products | Waterproofing
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Products for waterproofing, treating of damp & pond lining

Cemcrete | Products | Sealers
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Cement or Concrete coatings, Colour Hardener Sealers, Transparent protective coatings, A non-yellowing clear, thermoplastic acrylic lacquer-based resin which displays excellent UV stability. Has very fast solvent release, i.e. drying properties. The sealer greatly enhances the colour and protects the surface from the ingress of dirt and grease.

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