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Artistic Products

DecoCrete | Cemcrete | Shapeable textured plaster

DecoCrete Shapeable textured plaster. A coloured, cement-based material formulated to be plastered to excessive thicknesses but does not slide or shrink and dries rock-hard. A textured shaping system for the creation of artistic finishes, such as rock features, imitation brick walls and pool copings.

Mould Rubber Latex | Synthetic latex rubber | Cemcrete

Mould Rubber Latex is a synthetic latex rubber for detailed reproduction of objects of virtually any fine texture. Final set product is resistant to water.

Sculptcrete | Fibre cement mixture for art pieces | Cemcrete

Sculptcrete is a fibre cement mixture for art pieces. A scientifically formulated enhanced fibre-cement blend. Contains no hazardous materials and is suitable for interior or exterior use.

TexCrete | Cemcrete | Fibre-cement casting mix

TexCrete is a fibre-cement casting mix A thixotropic, quick setting, enhanced fibre-cement blend. Mixed with a solution of FlexBond for the saturation and impregnation of CemForce to form a reinforced product that can be cast into latex or silicone moulds. Produces castings of about 4 to 8 mm in thickness.

Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings

8 Telford Street, Industria
South Africa

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