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Warehouse cold room transformed by Floor Tech Flooring Systems and Sika South Africa

Floor Tech Flooring Systems, in collaboration with Sika South Africa, proudly announces the successful renovation of a food processing warehouse, transforming it into a cutting-edge cold room and storage facility. The ambitious project, initiated in September 2023, showcases the innovative use of Sikafloor®-20 PurCem® to meet the project’s unique demands.

I&J warehouse cold room flooring with Sika products.

With a commitment to excellence, Floor Tech Flooring Systems selected Sikafloor®-20 PurCem®, a high-strength polyurethane hybrid flooring screed, known for its exceptional chemical and thermal shock resistance. The application of this advanced flooring system began with meticulous floor grinding to achieve a clean, rough finish, ensuring a well-prepared substrate for the subsequent Sikafloor®-20 PurCem® application. Anchor slots were scrupulously cut into the floor, followed by the seamless trowel application of the high-strength polyurethane hybrid flooring screed, at a thickness of 6 mm. The flooring aggregate was back-rolled twice to ensure an even smooth finish.

Applying the flooring screed to repair cracks.

Additionally, the joints were cut and carefully primed with Sika® Primer-3 N, a solvent-based primer designed for porous substrates and metals. The project was completed with the application of Sikaflex® PRO-3, a high-performance sealant, specifically formulated for floor joints and civil engineering applications. The collaborative effort between Floor Tech Flooring Systems and Sika South Africa resulted in a floor boasting superior strength, chemical resistance, and thermal shock resilience, exceeding all expectations.

The flawless project execution was made achievable through the committed collaboration of Floor Tech Flooring Systems and Sika South Africa. Through effective allocation of work areas, disruptions were minimized, ensuring a smooth workflow throughout the project’s duration.

I & J cold room flooring

The successful conversion of the warehouse into a state-of-the-art cold room demonstrates the expertise and dedication of both Floor Tech Flooring Systems and Sika South Africa. This accomplishment not only meets but surpasses industry standards, showcasing the superior quality and performance of Sikafloor®-20 PurCem®. With this achievement, Sika South Africa and Floor Tech Flooring Systems are well-positioned to consistently deliver exceptional solutions for future projects within the food facility.

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